Magazines technical data

Interempresas Media, S.L.U. publishes a selection of magazines, technical details are specified below.

Mechanical and print specifications

Dimensions of ads

Advertising space Sizes
(width x height, mm)
Cover bleed 210 x 200
(+ 3 mm blood per side)
Double page bleed ISO A3 (420 x 297 + 3 mm 
blood per side)
Double page
Double outer
cut cover
bleed 401 x 297 mm
(see details here)
Double outer cover
1 Page  bleed ISO A4 (210 x 297 + 3 mm 
blood per side)
box 180 x 255 mm
Half page horizontal bleed 210 x 148 + 3 mm 
blood per side
Half page
box 180 x 125 mm
vertical bleed 105 x 297 + 3 mm 
blood per side
box 86 x 255 mm
Quarter page box 86 x 125 mm Quarter page
Eigth of page


86 x 60 mm Eigth of page

For blood ads (ads up to the edge of the page) it is essential to leave an excess of 3 mm of bleed. In addition, we recommend that ads have a security margin (area where there are no texts or critical images) of 5 mm.

Formats, resolutions...

Recommended formats

  • Recommended: PDF with embedded fonts. (Preferably, PDF/X-3).
  • EPS: with embedded fonts.
  • TIFF (without layers and clipping masks, see below comments regarding resolution).

Native formats supported

  • QuarkXPress
  • Illustrator
  • FreeHand
  • InDesign


  • Images must have an effective resolution of at least 300 ppp, recommended: 400 ppp.
  • Images should preferably be CMYK (European ink). If they are RGB, make sure they contain embedded ICC color profile.
  • For CMYK images, ink cover must not be exceeded more than 300%.
  • The images from web pages normally not are suitable for printing.
  • When using JPEG image formats, ensure that you are using high-quality JPEG (=low compression).

Fonts, detail reprodution

  • If the format you send us allows for embedding fonts (PDF and EPS), do it. [We prefer embedded fonts to paths texts.]
  • Otherwise, attach your ad fonts in OpenType format, or Macintosh PostScript Type 1.
  • The small texts (and vector images with great detail) should be one (1) single ink.


What's bleed?

When any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page, extending beyond the trim edge, leaving no margin it is said to bleed. This is done to make sure that small errors when trimming the page do not leave awful white or empty edges.


What's the security marign?

Just as it is necessary to extend beyond the listings page, it is possible that the page is trimmed outside of the theoretical edge, it is also possible that the cut is made more inwards. The safety margin is the area where there should be no text or any critical image, to avoid the risk of cutting them.

In the next picture shows the bleed using red color, and the safety margin in gray:

 Bleed and safety margin specifications

(NOTE: the bleed and safety margin dimensions have been exaggerated for easier viewing)

Cut double outer cover

Dimensions according to the following graphic:

Dimensions of cut outer double cover

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