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TransGrúas Cial., S.L. (Div. Biomasa) - Chippers -shredders

Pezzolato PZ y H

Chippers - Forestry crushers: machinery for biomass

Picture of Chippers - Forestry crushers
The range PZ and H, of Pezzolato, thought for the use in gardening, maintenance of parks, cleaning of forestrys, etc, is composed by able machines to reduce the volume of big masses of green or dry material, including trunks and ramaje. Also it is indicated for the production of astilla destined to boilers of heating or like first step in the manufacture of pellets. accionan Through the taking of strength of a tractor, or by means of his own engine diesel or petrol. In terms of mobility, can be fixed, with car of drag slow, fast or with car type oruga self-propelled.