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Riegos Iberia Regaber, S.A. - About...

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Garbí, 3 - P.I. Can Volart
08150 Parets del Vallés (Barcelona) Spain

Control and regulation of water

Location of Riegos Iberia Regaber, S.A.


Riegos Iberia Regaber, S.A.

Regaber was born in 1980 within the framework of agriculture with the aim of developing irrigation drip in Spain when speaking of irrigation drip was somewhat visionary.
However, today this is the irrigation system for excellence in countries with critical situations of water availability, where appropriate and sustainable use of water is essential.
At Regaber we are committed and work every day by effective, efficient and responsible water use.

Because in Regaber we take care of the water, and this is our reason for being.

Regaber is part of the Group Matholding, a group of family capital of reference in national agriculture and water management, they also belong to IQV and Hidroglobal.

They take care of the morning from susorigenes have developed a spirit of continuous improvement - the spirit of its suppliers, global leaders - that makes them work in advanced and innovative concepts that ensure a sustainable irrigation for today and for tomorrow.
Because the environmental responsibility is their commitment.

Care customers know their clients and needs has made them leaders, offering them solutions complete, cost-effective, professional and adjusted, through its more than thousand distributors and its eight offices distributed throughout the peninsula and Canary Islands and Morocco, with own technical department capable of offering technical, operating and hydraulic support constantly.

Care project care about the success of each project, this team Regaber technician offers advice at the beginning of each work, supervising and managing execution during the starting up and finally, putting at your disposal its technical customer service to help you anytime with anything you need, giving you the most appropriate and accurate solutions.
Because each project is unique to Regaber.

To adapt to the reality of their market sectors and their customers, in Regaber have been created four divisions, allowing them to customize the service and product needs and preferences: - agriculture - hydraulic infrastructure - gardening - automatic delegations:-Valencia: Ctra.-Murcia: Pol, Pol. IND.-Murcia: Pol-Murcia: Pol. RIBA-Roja de Turia (Valencia).
-Murcia: Pol. IND.-Málaga: Pol-Málaga: Pol.0820 Alcantarilla (murcia) - Málaga: Pol. IND.-Sevilla: Ctra-Sevilla: Ctra-Seville: Ctra.004 Málaga.
-Seville: Ctra.-area Center: Pol.1900 Camas (Sevilla).
-Area Center: Pol. IND. Coslada, Avenue Ind. EDIF. 52B, 1st floor. 28820 Coslada (Madrid).
-North zone: Quinta do Mocho. 2005-465 Santarém (Portugal).