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The fever of the limaco, of the pig and the fever by depression

Ibon Linacisoro. Director12/05/2009

May 12, 2009

Pigs have chosen to transmit to humans more than his manners and hands to work have been the spread of the flu. It is curious, swine flu affects fewer than 100 people in Spain, with data from May 12, and is not only quite controlled but that its effect on patients is mild. In Spain, in the middle of may, there was no serious sick this flu and no hospitalized, and that Spain is one of the European countries with more fiebreporcinizados. However, swine flu takes a something totally disproportionate huge space in the media, if we put on the table data from other infectious diseases, their impact and the number of patients affected by them.

The fever for depression is not yet quantified in the media, but is most likely that we have passed from the alert level 5 - prepandemia - to the level of alert 6 - pandemic. The change in the level of alert, as happens with influenza from the very pigs, does not depend on the amount of people, but the type of transmission. In other words, if many humans have been infected and suffer from fever for depression because they have flown in their company due to its lack of performance or inability to manifest, stays level 5 - prepandemia - is not worrying... yet. If, on the other hand, numerous human suffering from fever for depression because they have flown in their company due to the type "sorry, you're a great worker and it has given everything for the company, but you can not pay", we would already be in full pandemic. As they say now, I think that this will be pandemic.

A preconclusión, therefore, is that the type and quantity of fiebreporcinizados placed this condition at prepandemia level, and that the quantity and type of fiebrepordepresionizados place this condition in level of pandemic.

Less media, but no less important, is the fever of the limaco. It is that limacos living in mining environments such as gauges of the health of soils, are already being used. The question has its miga, because in the BASQUE country have observed pollution disrupts the mitochondrial DNA, but not the cell phone. Can pollution direct the evolution? A metaphysical subject.

Much more earthly and easy to understand is possible the poor limaco fever when it babosea for contaminated soils. Not how you to give fever? The penalty is that someone not him occurred this before, because the limaco would have served to detect soil little solid, muddy, dangerous, as the floor of the mortgages subprime, which were the triggers of the process that led to the pandemic of the fiebrepordepresionizados. If we have learned anything it is that the limaco, would still today, be good to place on certain soils. Does that put it in a soil reclassified at a Town Hall of out there and the limaco catch us fever? Bad boy. Fever of limaco, equal to embarrassment for someone.

Let's give the limaco their opportunities. The severity of the fiebreporcinizados we perspective, focus on healing the origin of the fiebrepordepresionizados pandemic and we looked closely at our limaco it rises the temperature.

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