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Three of every ten farmers already use the 'virtual Office of irrigation'


February 5, 2009

Three of every ten Spanish irrigators have already joined new technologies in order to modernize the management of about 450,000 hectares of irrigated land and achieve a more efficient use of resources of water and energy needed for the development of its activity, says in a statement the National Federation of communities of irrigators of Spain (Fenacore). Currently, a total of 195 communities of irrigators used the 'paperless office' to make the inventory of crops, review their consumption, download invoices or make applications of water at a distance, saving time and avoiding unnecessary journeys.

During the last year 2008, a total of 55 communities of irrigators representative of 140,000 hectares joined these new technologies and services in order to optimize its activity to the maximum. This year, is expected that more than half a hundred communities are incorporated into this project, with a rate of growth similar to the last financial year.