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The Organization of the show Low Cost, very satisfied with the results of this first edition

"In 2009, the Barcelona Meeting Point Hall is recast"

LAIA Banús23/06/2009

June 23, 2009

After the conclusion of the show low cost, Enrique Lacalle, President of the show, alongside Esteve Borrell, director general of the consortium of the free trade area, and Josep Maria Pons, general manager of the Hall, he presented to the press the thirteenth edition of the international real estate show and Symposium Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP)to be held between 27 October and 1 November at the Fira Barcelona and that it will be important developments in line with the current economic times. Lacalle used the Act to make an assessment of the first Low Cost, whose success has passed "the most optimistic expectations of the Organization itself".
Enrique Lacalle, Esteve Borrell and Josep Maria Pons during the presentation ceremony of the next edition of the BMP at the headquarters of the Consorci's Zona Franca.

"Low Cost has represented a change in trend," said Enrique Lacalle and added "Barcelona Meeting Point will be the second chance to change the trend of slowdown that had and the contained demands that exists".

"Low Cost has filled up the flag"

The first edition of Low Cost, Hall of the real estate opportunities organized by Barcelona Meeting Point and the consortium of the Zona Franca, closed its doors on June 14 with a great record: more than 60,000 visitors, 173 companies exhibiting and 186 journalists accredited. According to the President of the salon, Enrique Lacalle, "Low Cost has filled up the flag, which has represented many contacts and much business, and noted that"this is the demonstration that in times of crisis, when they are new and good ideas and are in practice""", they work".

With regard to the number of real estate business, estimated that real estate transactions that can be over 30 million euros and with a forecast of 40 million more for contacts made during the fair and can materialize in the next few days have been negotiated. "There is obviously a contained demand and a need to purchase that has been exploited in this Hall, which was full of opportunities and sales," he said Lacalle.

For its part, Esteve Borrell, director general of the Consorci, expressed "high satisfaction" of this organization with the results of Low cost "The truth is that the latest venture of Barcelona Meeting Point for the Low Cost living has come very far: has come down to the consumer, the final line of the product", said Borrell. He added that the real success of this first edition of the Hall of the real estate opportunities is not the number of flats sold on it, but the hall itself because "has approached the developer demand" which you business opportunities after making contacts during the fair. "So far was quite difficult because few people already approached by real estate offices," given the current situation of crisis.

Enrique Lacalle: "There is obviously a contained demand and a need to purchase that has been exploited at Low Cost"

More Low Cost, and more than Barcelona

Following the success of this first edition, the next Low Cost "will be largest" announced Lacalle, and will continue to do as long as it is "a product adapted to the time that is living". In addition, other cities in Catalonia and Spain are interested in holding its own Hall of real estate opportunities. The President of the Chamber referred to the city of Girona and Madrid, which has already confirmed an own Low Cost. It will be in the pipe, Casa de Campo, 25-27 September of this year.

The new area 'new point' with stands of 15 or 30 m2, equal for all exhibitors, targeting small and medium enterprises.

A Barcelona Meeting Point "to the extent of all and for all"

Fira de Barcelona will again host the fair, Barcelona Meeting Point next autumn. This tenth third edition, to be held between 27 October and 1 November, provide news to conform to the current economic situation. "The Barcelona Meeting Point is recast, - explained Enrique Lacalle - adapts to times and brings new ideas, new offers and easier". The Organizing Committee of BMP, chaired by Lacalle, have sought formulas for "that everyone who wants to be present, you can do".

To do so, and within the General attendance Hall, in addition to offering exhibiting companies traditional stand from 12 square metres, designed and built by exhibitors themselves, was introduced at the fair the new 'new point' area. It's an area with stands of 15 or 30 square meters, equal for all exhibitors, aimed at small and medium enterprises. It is designed to "arrive and receive visitors;" "sit down to work and sell", while exhibiting companies have to worry about its construction or design.

Lacalle: "Barcelona Meeting Point is recast, adapting to the times and brings new ideas, new offers and easier"

The same applies to the living room professional of the Barcelona Meeting Point. On the one hand is the professional exhibition "of life", with spaces free for booths, from 20 square metres, designed and built by exhibitors themselves, and on the other, the stands 'turnkey'. It is not necessary with latter or design or mount.

Another important novelty of the professional exhibition of BMP, and that it means to be an exhibitor by approximately 10% of the normal price, is the Hospitality booth. Instead of paying the price of a stand of 120 square meters, BMP offers the possibility to dispose of it for 5 hours and enjoy it in a personalized way General visitors to the room to receive guests, make a presentation or offer a cocktail.

Also, for those companies that do not have stand in BMP, there is the possibility of participating in the living room with a number of advantages as a 'Member of the Club BMP' with Platinum, gold or silver categories. These benefits include attendance at the events of the Hall as the 'dinner of Presidents', free overnight stays at the hotel Arts, free registrations to the Symposium, use of the room of presentations and the private meeting room in the living room professional, among others.

Image of the new sustainable island of the BMP, an espacio-isla between the professional exhibition and the attendance exhibition designed on a sustainable basis.

The sustainable island

The sustainable island of the BMP is an espacio-isla between the professional exhibition and the attendance exhibition designed on a sustainable basis. There will be exhibition of sustainable developments, exhibition of sustainable solutions and a forum of discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of sustainability in the real estate sector. It is designed for pioneers of sustainability that they wish to have an area of 10 square meters of the island and wish to make a presentation of your products or services of one hour at the Forum.

The BMP, increasingly international

"We have made a major effort of imagination looking much, on the one hand, the expenditure, so that everyone can be in BMP and the price is not an obstacle, but we have also worked hard to ensure that countries least touched by the crisis and that are potential buyers may be with us next October", said Lacalle. In this way, the Barcelona Meeting Point of 2009 will be the presence of Arab countries, Russia, Latin America, as well as European countries and USA.

The Arab countries, Barcelona Meeting Point on 20 April in Dubai signed an agreement with the Arab Union for promoting real estate for the holding of the first Euro-Arab Conference of real estate investment in the next BMP. It will take place on October 27, 2009 and will focus on two main themes: 'The Muslim way of doing business' and 'Opportunities of investment in the Arab countries and Europe'. As Josep Maria Pons was, the first theme of the Conference is very interesting for Western countries should negotiate with the Muslims and encounter with laws that prohibit items as the usury: "Is not easy because in the real estate sector has important financing and Islamic law does not permit usury". Another theme will be the investment opportunities in these countries. According to Pons "Arabs want to take advantage of opportunities of processing in Europe, are expectant, but they, for the first time, welcome to Westerners who want to invest in their business".

But the BMP not is there for, and those responsible are still traveling and knocking at doors around the world. Russia will be one of the protagonists of the 2009 Point Meeting, which is why the Organization of the exhibition will travel soon to this country to "close the past agreements with the Mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, of what we have called ' the year of Russia in the BMP", said Lacalle.

Also, the Organizing Committee of the Chamber has established contacts with the Government of Colombia, through Camacol, Colombian Chamber of construction, for their participation in tenth third edition of the BMP.

The organizing team of the BMP, optimistic after the results of the Hall Low Cost, have prepared a new edition of the fair next autumn.

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