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In collaboration with the Icil Foundation

Logistrans starts up an area of excellence and technological innovation

Drafting Interempresas05/03/2010

March 5, 2010

Logitrans and Icil Foundation have signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation in place of an area of excellence and technological innovation at the heart of Logitrans, logistics and the transport of Madrid, to be held from 21 to 23 April in Ifema - Feria de Madrid.

This announcement is a very important boost for the contents of the second edition of Logitrans and a commitment to give the Hall a clear technological component and innovation. Under the agreement signed by both entities, Logitrans will be again, as in the edition of 2008, with an area demonstration that will be directed by the Icil Foundation. The novelty lies in that, in addition to this area of demonstration, the Fundacion Icil will collaborate in the creation of an exhibition area that will bear the name of 'Park of excellence and technological innovation' and whose contents will be one of the main themes of the next edition of Logitrans.

Again, Logitrans will again feature an area of demonstration that will be directed by the ICIL Foundation.

The 'Park of excellence and technological innovation'

This area is aimed at all those companies whose products and services offer is included in any of the following sectors:

  • innovative companies in the area of information and communication technology
  • innovative companies in the area of management of corporate business
  • innovative companies in the area of materials handling equipment
  • innovative companies in the area of internal logistics
  • innovative companies in outsourcing and logistic services

Icil demonstration area

This year, demonstration Icil at Logitrans area shows commitment to modern logistics with the innovation and technology as a competitive advantage in the enterprise tools. The identification and accompanied by 'clean' processes in real time data capture is one of the notable points of this exhibit area. How the chain of supply, the use of the technology applied for the implementation of operations is information, make the difference between the winning companies in today's global market. Ultimately, Icil demonstration area will showcase the latest developments in materials handling and storage equipment in this edition from the point of view of the hardware and software applied to the store.

The agreement signed between Logitrans and the Icil Foundation also includes the development, by this institution, various sessions in the programme of conferences at Logitrans.

According to Pere Roca, President of the Executive Committee of the Foundation, the agreement with Logitrans is part of the actions envisaged in the Icil Strategic Plan 2010-2012: "In particular I refer to our axis strategic logistical support to companies, so far as aid to the professional or enterprise to detect"to develop, implement and control any opportunity detected as an input value. "In this sense, the Icil will always be present in all forums for research and dissemination of the logistics industry".

For its part, Eloy Bohúa, general director of Planner Reed, and Santiago Quiroga, director of competitions in Ifema, comment that "the agreement with the Foundation Icil is a very important boost the technological component and innovation of the Hall and responds to the vocation of Logitrans offer content that add value to visitors and to all of the" sector. The area of demonstration Icil was one of the most valued projects by exhibitors and visitors of Logitrans 2008 and forward again to this space was an obvious target for this second edition. "On the other hand, the 'Park of excellence and technological innovation' allows exhibitors offer a choice of highly competitive participation with a high visibility throughout the fair."

As a result of the agreement of Logitrans and the ICIL Foundation, the exhibition includes different sessions within its programme of conferences.

Sepes renews its commitment with Logitrans

Sepes, State entity of soil attached to the Ministry of housing, has today confirmed its participation as a sponsor of Logitrans 2010. Thus, it endorses the role of this fair as one of the most relevant in the European market of logistics and transport.

Sepes, who already participated as a sponsor in the first edition of Logitrans, has ratified its commitment in this new edition. The director-general of the State, Félix Arias, has stressed the importance of this event "that has become a benchmark in the sector, and a meeting space for those who work for the development of a new production model more efficient and sustainable".

Sepes, which in 2009 commemorating 50 years of experience in the management of soil for use of social interest, is in the development of actions of a logistical nature, one of their identity. Sepes activity in this area caters to the high demand for this type of soil integrated into polygons logistics, areas of logistics activities (ZAL) or transport centres.

(Ii) Business Forum France - Spain on transportation

Logistrans will again be the scene of celebration of the France Business Forum on infrastructures of transport, fruit of the agreement reached between dialogue, Association for promoting French friendship of the Forum, and the Organization of the Hall. Also, the Forum has a broad institutional support, which includes the collaboration of the Embassy of France in Spain, the Chamber of Commerce and industry Franco-española, Invest in France Agency (Scoreboard), the newspaper transport 21st and Ubifrance.

As objectives, this meeting aims to review annually the progress or, where appropriate, the suspension or delays of the solutions for the transport of goods between the Iberian Peninsula and France, i.e., "between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe". It is also a witness of the actions of the Governments of France and Spain in transpirenaicas infrastructure, as well as a permanent barometer of this historical issue, very directly affecting the competitiveness and viability of any private initiative which may arise to one side and another of the Pyrenees.

Forums and conferences are a meeting place privileged for the professionals of the sector and it tries to promote the business synergies within a specially designed for this.


Following the success of the first edition of the ' Forum business Spain France: the infrastructure of transport from a business perspective ', held in 2009, the Hispano-French dialogue Friendship Association has decided to organize the II Forum under the theme: ' intermodality between France and Spain: Challenge or reality?'.

It should be recalled that 2009 was the year of the railway, with the Governments of France and Spain speaking profusely of transpirenaicos for this mode of transport projects. Why, in 2010, the programme will grant special relevance to the railroad, two of the four tables of discussion devoted to major rail projects transpirenaicos. The programme will also feature a roundtable dedicated to the carriage by sea and another dedicated to the transport by road.

As in the first edition, this II Forum France meet its conclusions in a 'white paper' which, among other objectives, aims to contribute to the preparation of the forthcoming summits Emanuel, providing analysis of the private sector on this important issue.

According to José Luis Leal Maldonado, President of dialogue, "transpirenaicas communications are a key issue for Spain, France and Europe and the opinion of the economic actors is unanimous about the vital importance and urgency, make progress together on projects of transport infrastructure." "One of the priority objectives of the Forum is to promote the encounter between the main actors of the supply chain and infrastructure players, so to match your celebration with Logitrans 2010 offers a great added value both for dialogue and for the living room and the sectors which is directed".

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