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Adif Realises works of improvement in the logistical centre of Barcelona-Morrot


24 April 2012

Adif has initiated the works of improvement of the logistical centre of Barcelona-Morrot, situated beside the port of Barcelona. Said works have a budget of 498.924 euros (included VAT).

The agreement includes the rehabilitation of 1.350 square metres of pavimento rigid of losas of corresponding concrete to the zone of access between the two beaches of roads situated in the zone west of the centre. In this way, it will improve the hygiene and the performance of the operations of load and download of containers.

Likewise, it is foreseen the replacement of the firm flexible of the main beach of load and download of containers in all his extension, that has an approximate surface of 11.000 square metres.

Besides, will renew the network of drainage of the beach of containers situated in the most western zone of the logistical centre, by means of the installation of new imcreamales (mouths by where empty the water of rain) and pozos of collected as well as a new manifold that allow to evacuate the water of said beach. The logistical centre of Barcelona-Morrot has of four do of roads allocated to the traffic of commodities. His main activity are the operations of treatment intermodal, employing for this big cranes portico and mobile cranes portacontenedores.

The works have been awarded to the company Copcisa and have a term of execution of four months and half.