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Force join us!

Ibon Linacisoro, Director15/09/2007

December 24, 2008

It's over. Enough of tears running the cava! That go the nougat! Let us eat and drink all to fruition in this Christmas of the pains and sorrows! We turn off the TV if someone returns to mention the crisis, let the newspaper on the newsstand, we remove the batteries to the radio, let us avoid Internet! All friends, the power is in our hands if we want it, the Union is strength. An effort between everyone in order to apply, really, this Christmas spirit. A little bit of please, gentlemen!

We are going through a fateful moment in our lives. We are debating between the world to continue spinning or the world will stop. Interempresas, without any doubt, we want to continue rotating. And as wanting to power, the world will continue to spin. And with him, we hope to continue turning us, we wish that they spin and spin all those who collaborate with us, all those with which we work, that we read, but also those who do not read us, those who advertise in our media and those that are not announcedthose who know us and those who can not even imagine our existence. They are good Christmas dates to wish everyone good. They are also good dates to look at the new year with determination, with the capacity to discern what is relevant from the irrelevant. What can shut us the joy, so that we can light the illusion.

Let us overcome by the decline of good times will be as abandoning ourselves to the development of economically. Inevitably, labour affects us personally. To see who is capable of showing joy from unemployment, or positions of responsibility in a company in difficulties. It is difficult to overcome the difficulty. But the force is within us. The future awaits us better if all this force. The force will accompany us if we are looking for your company.

This is what we want everybody, apart, of course, that is eat and drink with fruition. Not by painting a rosy tale here we're going to forget to eat and drink.

Friends, enemies, people, animals and plants, we wish you all the best possible Christmas... well, not. We wish you...

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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