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Joan Güell, 32 Bajos
08028 Barcelona Spain

Development, manufacture and commercialisation of optoelectronical products

Location of Leuze Electronic, S.A.U.


Leuze Electronic, S.A.U.

Leuze electronic Is a German multinational that develops, manufactures and commercialises optoelectronical products for the areas of detection, identification and hygiene in the work from does almost 50 years. The wide range of products includes optoelectronical sensors, sensors inductivos, systems of identification, systems of processing of images with industrial PC, systems of optical transmission of data and optoelectronical systems of hygiene.
Account besides with the certification according to norm ISO 9001 and 14001.
The subsidiary of Leuze electronic in Spain, situated in Barcelona, was founded in 1988. Since it has grown continuously, and at present it is formed by a staff of 14 people. We loan service in all Spain through a Central Office situated in Barcelona and own delegations in Bilbao and Valency to improve the level of service to our customers. Besides we have of a wide network of Distributors and of Partners Technological inside the national territory.