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It goes down the unemployment by second consecutive month, with the agricultural sector in command


4 June 2012

The unemployment registered went down in 30.113 people in May with regard to April (0,63%) and sum two months of falls, with what the total of unemployed situated in 4.714.122, as it informs the Ministry of Employment and Social hygiene. In April, the unemployment registered in the offices of the Public Services of Employment (SPEE, ancient Inem) had gone down in 6.632 people until the 4.744.235 unemployed registered, what supposed the first monthly descent of the unemployment for the first time after eight consecutive months of rises.

The descent of the unemployment attained in May of this year is inferior to the registered in the same months of 2010 and 2011, when the unemployment went down in more than 70.000 people in both cases, but surpasses to the of 2009, month in which the unemployment diminished in 24.741 people.

The unemployment diminished in May in all the sectors, especially in number in the construction, with 12.418 unemployed less (-1,5%). In the agriculture descended in 6.903 people (-4,1%), in the services reduced in 5.895 unemployed (-0,2%), in the industry went down in 3.321 people (-0,6%) and in the community without previous employment, in 1.576 people (-0,38%).

By CC AA the unemployment registered fell in 15 of the 17 communities, especially in Balearic (-7.293), Andalucia (-5.859) and Catalonia (-4.789). Only it went up in Canaries (4.476) and Extremadura (217).