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Pol. Ind. de Júndiz. C/Uzbina 6
01015 Vitoria - Gasteiz (Araba/Álava) Spain

Sale of machines and facilities for cold, automation, shot peening forming and finishing of surfaces and the environment.

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Representaciones Euromaher, S.L.

Sell industrial top brands at the best price is not enough. Companies need a provider who accompany them in all the way.

Euromaher, since 1999, provides solutions for industrial machinery in different sectors: stamping, surface treatment and Automation.

Euromaher has facilities of 2000 m2, opened in 2005, to offer a comprehensive service oriented to customer satisfaction: study and prior advice of the solution more appropriate, mounting and commissioning the installation as well as after-sales service.

Since Euromaher is committed to constant innovation and improvement, therefore collaborates with prestigious international firms, applying the latest technology, in order to ensure the best solution adapted to the real needs that are demanded.

Euromaher guarantees:

  1. Leading brands: distributes Sacma and Omsg, European leaders at the head of production, quality and price.
  2. Comprehensive services: engineering, laboratory, training, spare parts and technical assistance. Always at the service of the client.
  3. Minimum or immediate delivery time: due to the capacity of the supplier and the available stock, Euromaher allows to be operational before the middle of the market.
  4. Lower maintenance costs: Euromaher shows you why maintenance costs are lower and more flexible on the market.