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The Canarian company applies high standards of quality in his processes

Marcos Gorrin Linares manages the collected of waste in Tenerife

Timothy Byrne15/04/2013
Tenerife, the elder of the Canary Islands, is one of the tourist destinations more famous of Europe. His pleasant climate attracts to five million tourists every year, what does that the collected and treatment of the urban waste turn into an important challenge. In the coast west of the island finds the region of Santiago of the Teide, next to the volcano of the Teide, the third bigger of the world. It is region is formed by several municipalities and residential tourist like The Molledo, The Retamar, Tamaimo, The Giants (enjoys of the volcanic rocks higher of Europe), Port of Santiago and Beach of the Sand.

The collected of waste in this district is a task that realises for many years the familiar company Marcos Gorrin Linares, that in addition to in these works also is specialised in the maintenance of gardens and in operations of vivero.

The waste are collected in containers of 660 litres, because of the limitation that there is in the region for the versions of 1.100 litres, and these containers are delivered by different community points in batches of until six units.

One of the vehicles of collected of waste of Marcos Gorrin Linares.

Although these versions are smaller that the ones of 1.100 litres, has adapted his number in each point of collected of agreement to the volume of waste produced. Tourists, inhabitants of the zone, trades and bars deposit in these containers his wastes, having also available iglús to deposit glass, paper, cardboard and other recyclable materials. These are collected by another company in representation of the own Administration.

There is also a system of collected soterrada of waste in three resorts of the coast. The rubbish is deposited in ‘couriersboxes' to ras of floor in the street, and is stored in a big tank buried, until his final download. This solution helps to give a better image of the zone and to minimise the transmission of bad smells when the climate is very caluroso.

In Santiago of the Teide, the rubbish is collected during the night, from the 22 h until the 5 h. This service gives the seven days of the week, the 365 days of the year. There are three vehicles of collected operating in this district of Santiago of the Teide. These vehicles go mounted on chassis Renault Premium of two and three axles with body Geesink GPM11 and GPM111.

To facilitate the casting of the containers of 660 litres, has instrumented an elevador GCB1000 in each one of these vehicles, being able to them operarios opt by this solution when they need it. There is also a vehicle Ros Rock Cross on Renault Premium to cover intervals of service and maintenance in the newest versions.

These vehicles are managed during the spring by a driver and by an operario, although the own driver also collaborates in the placing of the containers. In summer, when there are more tourists, incorporates a third operario to answer like this to the increase of waste that produces during this season. Also it has a vehicle for the collected of the waste deposited in the system soterrado, whose operation realises through a hydraulics opening door that gives access to the tank.

In the region of Santiago of the Teide works with containers of 660 litres.

Is political of Marcos Gorrin Linares that all his vehicles of collected finish his tasks at the same time. If one of the vehicles finishes before that the others two, the driver and the rest of operario/s have to attend in support of the others two vehicles.

Each vehicle does one or two loads by night depending of the number of tourists that there is in the zone and of the volume of rubbishes generated. Once that all the vehicles have finished his rounds, move together to the station of transfer of Giaza-Buzanada.

Wash of containers

Marcos Gorrin Linares clean by means of steam all the containers of 660 litres once that these are castings. The vehicle that llevar this work has capacity for 7.000 litres of water, that is heated to be able to to disinfect and delete smells and germs that can remain of the process of collected. This service gives in all the districts of Santiago of the Teide.

Transfer of waste to Guaza-Buzanada

All the waste produced in Santiago of the Teide and in the neighbouring districts of Guide of Isora, Adeje, Beach of the Américas and Arona (The Christians) are carried to the station of transfer of Guaza-Buzanada.

This installation is one of the four operated in Tenerife by the UTE formed by Vertresa and Urbaser (Buzanada, The Guancha, Botanic and Saint Garden Matías). These four installations are opened of night during twelve hours and collect the majority of the waste of the island. Once they arrive, all the vehicles of collected are weighed in the scale computerizada and later happen to one of the two compactadores static where downloads all the material. The waste are compacted in hermetical compartments until the tank is casting again by a vehicle operated by the UTE.

Sanitary ware dump of Arico

The waste of the four stations of treatment are moved to the sanitary ware dump of Arico, in the sureste of the island, that also is managed by the UTE of Vertresa and Urbaser. The material is buried under sanitary ware conditions and fulfilling with the European directive. The installations have a system of extraction equipment equipment of methane that allows to enter electricity in the general network.

Marcos Gorrin Linares treasures a long experience in the collected of waste.

The leached are treated in special lagoons in the plant of desalación and once purificados are downloaded in the system of sewerage.

These installations also have warehouses for the recyclable materials collected by all the island before they are transported for his processing (glass, paper, aluminium, tins of steel, plastic, waste of demolición, etc.).

In summary, the collected and waste treatment in Tenerife is managed with the more standard heights. Marcos Gorrin Linares operates of form very efficient and professional in the district of Santiago of the Teide, converting to this in one of the cleanest of the island. Perhaps some of the others city councils of the zone can be interested in throwing a glimpse to the services loaned in Santiado of the Teide to attain similar levels of cleaning.




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