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Talleres Corbins, S.L. - Pruning compressors

Corbins Magnum

Pneumatics equipment for poda: wide range

Picture of Pneumatics equipment for poda
Workshops Corbins has of one of the most miscellaneous ranges and extensive of compressesors for the poda pneumatics existent in the market. The series Alpha composes of equipment joined up to the three points of the tractor, instrumented with a compact and robust chassis in addition to different models of heads compresoras, according to the exigencias of utilisation and pressesure vessels of 25 or 50 l, for a continuous and precise work.

The series Magnum, of big calderín, incorporate an accumulator of air to 15 bar, what allows to work with the tractor stopped during hours. It has of models suspended or towed of 650 or 1.000 l.

The series Greenline, type carretilla (motocompresores), with engine of petrol of four times, of full autonomy, does not require of any tractor and for zones of difficult access, are available the self-propelled models that allow to access to any area with the minimum effort.

The range complete with the motocompresores industrial with pressesure vessels of 25, 50 or 100 l, for all the pneumatics needs demanded.

Besides it has big quantity of scissors and accessories for works of poda and diverse gardening.