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Talleres Corbins, S.L. - Pneumatic pruners

Corbins Greenline

Pneumatics equipment of poda: with self-propelled models for zones of difficult access

Picture of Pneumatics equipment of poda
Workshops Corbins has of the series Greenline of motocompresores to engine of petrol of four times with full autonomy. They do not require of any tractor and present in several types of motors and compressesors in accordance with the needs of each customer. For zones of difficult access are available the self-propelled models that allow to access to any area with the minimum effort.

His main characteristic are the regulatory valve with system of automatic recovery and the valve of hygiene, the filter of condensation, lubrificador automatic and regulator of pressesure of exit.

Also it is available an extensive range of accessories for accionar by means of the compressesors. Big variety of pneumatics scissors, pneumatics saws, platens collects-olives of one or two hands, alargos fixed of 0,50 to 3 m or telescopic, desbrozadoras of rucksack, bars hedge cutters, enrolladores of hose, gloves of protection anticorte, in addition to the manual scissors and the ones of type guillotine.