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Talleres Corbins, S.L. - Meadows platform

Fischer GL4

Desbrozadora: with system of regulation of width of the lateral disks

Picture of Desbrozadora
Workshops Corbins exposed in his stand in this edition of the Fira of Sant Miquel the desbrozadoras of the prestigious signature Fischer. It fits to stand out from among the big variety of models the GL4 with a extraordinary provision like his system of regulation of width of the lateral disks, being able to adapt to any frame of plantation with a simple hydraulics movement from the cabin of the tractor. His precision and rapidity of cutting achieves with the blades of design typical of Fischer and his system of contrarrotación, regulating the height of cut of 4 to 7 cm and achieving speeds of work of 8 to 10 km/h.

Also it incorporates of series the system mulching, very appreciated in ecological plantations since in a past achieves cut the grass and send part of the same to the foot of the plants achieving that it believes a base of grass cut very fine where is him much more difficult grow the grass, and that at the same time transforms in compost. Optionally they can mount palpadores hydraulics in the lateral disks to achieve a perfect finishing around the plant even with trees planted recently without damaging them at all, since the particular design of the palpador allows to regulate the sensitivity of the same according to the thickness of the trunk of the plant.