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This news article was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for your convenience. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. The original article in Spanish can be viewed at El reciclaje del vidrio crece, aunque existe aún un largo potencial sin explotar

The recycling of the glass grows, although it exists still a long potential without exploding


30 March 2012

The manufacturer of glass Or-I considers that the last data of the European Federation of Containers of Glass (FEVE) show that it still exists a big potential without exploding to improve the environingingment recycling more glass in all the continent. FEVE Estimates an index of recycling in Europe of 68% in 2010, what equivale to 25 million bottles and containers used. Of these, 80% went back to melt to manufacture new containers of glass a the only process in the industry of the glass and that produces new containers one and again without losing the quality of the material.

Or-I is one of the European giants in manufacture of containers of glass and in the recycling of containers of glass already used by the consumers. Viivika Remmel, director of marketing of Or-I Europe explains: “we Are working with a big quantity of publics to increase the recycling of containers of glass in all the countries where operate. We pursue some ambitious aims to increase the quantity that use in our production; every time that increase the quantity of material recycled in our glass, improve the environingingmental impact of the products of our customers”.

In addition to reducing the wastes of the dumps, the recycling of the glass involves an immediate saving of power and of broadcasts of carbon. Each 10% of the glass recycled used in the production represents a reduction in the broadcasts of carbon of, roughly, 5% and energetic savings of 3%. “We want to encourage to the people to continue recycling and to consider if any of his containers of glass still goes to stop to the generic container. The glass is a very easy material to recycle since it does not require of expensive processes before being given back to the oven” declares Vivika.


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