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Expert in frequency converters, the company develops software that allows to estimate the energy savings

Omron, with ecological awareness and energy saving

Drafting Interempresas20/07/2010

July 20, 2010

The need for urgent action in support of climate change, was that at the Kyoto Conference in 1997 most of the attending countries commit themselves to put resources to reduce the consumption of energy, which is the environment fasterefficient and cost-effective to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Energy efficiency is one of the key aspects to meet this challenge.

Electric motors represent two-thirds of the electric energy consumption in the EU industry. Applications that are developed, in greater measure, pumps, fans and compressors, being also that allow to obtain higher energy savings using frequency converters to control the speed of the engine are: more than 50% of energy savings in some cases.

Converters of frequency of Omron adapt the speed of the engine to ensure the proper functioning of the application and optimize energy costs

Converters of frequency as the best option

The increasingly restrictive legislation (increases in energy costs, penalties for excessive consumption, etc.), causes that we can not ignore these problems and the search for solutions. Because of this necessity, the best option is the installation of converters of frequency for motors.

Converters of frequency of Omron adapt the speed of the engine to ensure the proper functioning of the application and optimize energy costs. In addition, incorporate a function of automatic energy conservation that provides the optimal voltage to the motor based on the conditions of the minimum load/consumption to maintain the operation of the application, getting the equivalent yield with less consumption.

There are also investment programmes that will make it possible at this time that companies can satisfy the above approaches. The aid of these programmes, together with the savings on electricity bills obtained using frequency converters, allow to the amortization of the improvements occur in a short period of time (two years or even less), and also extending the useful life of the engines used.

Frequency Inverter MX2 of Omron inverter.
Install a frequency converter energy saving method is:

-Reduction of consumption (active and reactive) energy efficiency.

-Better operational control, optimizing the profitability and productivity of the production processes.

-Minimize the losses in the facilities.

-Savings in maintenance (engine works with less stress and the optimal operating conditions)

-Reduction of acoustic noise of the engines.

-Guarantees the continuity of the installation.

-Get the same or higher quality objectives and response, increasing customer satisfaction.

Saver Is easy to use, intuitive and reliable, and allows to select the converter of frequency Omron more adapted for each application

Software for the estimation of energy saving

Saver Is a powerful tool of Omron that allows to estimate the energetic saving that can obtain in an installation when substituting a method of control of the conventional engine by a converter of frequency and in how long would produce the return of the investment.

The software is designed to be easy to use, intuitive and reliable in their estimates, as well as allowing select converter frequency most appropriate Omron for each application. It has a very appealing graphic interface which allows the user to quickly familiarize yourself with the application.

It allows the user the possibility to make a basic estimate, which require a minimum data of the application, either a more detailed estimate, which requires a more precise description of the system, allowing endless possibilities to define ranges of work, electric rates in different slots and even different stations during the year. All these features allows a very accurate estimate.

The software generates useful reports and graphs showing the cleanest energy, the difference in cost in electricity bills and time of return on investment

Saver Realizar the estimate of energetic saving in applications of pumps, fans and compressesors, comparing the results between the existent current installation according to his method of control and the installation with converter of frequency. For this, is necessary to define the cycle of work of the application, what more precise was this definition, greater accuracy will have the estimate.

Like result of the study, Saver generates useful reports and charts that show the power saved, the difference of costs in the electrical bill and the time of return of the investment. Besides, the results can store in different formats (.doc, .Pdf, etc.).

Saver Is available gratuitamente in the Area of Download of Software of the corporate web of Omron.

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