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The company offers systems and specific solutions for the construction

Sika presents its developments in coatings for protection and sealing

Drafting Interempresas17/12/2008

December 17, 2008

Supplier specializing in chemical products, Sika develops, manufactures and markets systems and solutions specific to the construction, building and civil engineering, in the areas of repair and protection of concrete, the sealing of joints, structural waterproofing and the rigid and elastic paste of different elements.
Sika Sikalastic includes a range of liquid membranes for waterproofing 'in situ'.

Sika is an international group with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in more than 70 countries, specializing in chemical products for construction and industry. It is committed to quality, service, security and the non-aggression to the environment. Sika construction products range includes additives for concrete of high quality, adhesives, sealants and special mortars, water-proof materials, structural strengthening, industrial flooring and waterproofing membrane systems.

136 Sikagard DW: for drinking water facilities

Sikagard 136 DW is a coating without solvents for tanks and reservoirs based on epoxy resins of two 100 per 100 solid components, colored and approved as a coating on steel and cementitious surfaces. It is designed to use facilities of drinking water, as well as in the food industry and beverages. It is suitable for tanks and pipes from steel and concrete.

This coating is characterised by its easy application, thanks to its efficient application through 'air-less' in a layer, good resistance to the pick up and the possibility of checking of pores. It provides cost savings for their long service life, low maintenance and easy repair, without treatment before entering service. It offers good chemical resistance and agents of cleaning and detergents, is easy to clean and has high physical resistance with good resistance to abrasion and impact. It provides also very good adhesion to steel, carbon, stainless steel, aluminum and cement, good capacity of covering and opaque surfaces. It is free of alcohol benzílico, has no smell and is physiologically harmless. It also complies with the resolution of the EU, AP 1 (2004) (for drinking water).

Sikalastic-490T is indicated for the waterproofing, coating and protection of pavements of terraces and balconies, paving of patios, greenhouses and skylights.

Sikalastic-490T: for durable waterproofing

Sikalastic - 490T is a polyurethane one-component, transparent glossy finish, curing humidity for durable waterproofing. This high-tech membrane is stable against rays UV, weathering resistant, resistant to alkali, retaining its resilience and transparency over time. It is indicated for the waterproofing, coating and protection of pavements of terraces and balconies, paving of patios, greenhouses and skylights and for protection from Frost, carbon dioxide and acid rain.

It is a product of easy to implement, low cost, stable UV rays and at temperatures between - 30 and 80 ° C, and the yellowing-resistant. It provides crack-resistant waterproofing. It is suitable for different types of media: natural stone, ceramics, pavise, polycarbonate. She supports pedestrian traffic and is easily cleaned.

With the primer Sika Prime-490T promotes and improves the adhesion of Sikalastic-490T. This primer monocoponente is transparent, at base solvent and is indicated on glazed or vitrificadas surfaces. It is suitable for different types of media: glass, pavise and glazed tile.

Sika Prime-490T imprinting promotes and improves the adhesion of Sikalastic-490T.

SikaCor E-1: for general application in decoration

The bright Synthetic enamel of general application in decoration SikaCor E-1 is used both for exterior as interior. It is a product free from heavy metals, with good grip and power coating, good brightness and decorative effect, easy application and good brochabilidad and leveling. The colors are unchanged and the (white) yellowing-resistant and provides a good resistance to weathering and chemical.

SikaCor Prime 1: corrosion protection

This synthetic fast drying primer is indicated for industrial, for use in systems of protection against corrosion of steel structures or application railway in general. You can both be as primer, for the subsequent repainting with systems monocomponentes (with itself, other synthetic glazes, acrylic resins or clorocauchos, etc.), or as a paint finish, with a bright appearance and intense color. Offers an excellent relation quality - price, good anticorrosive power, a fast-drying and good brochabilidad and leveling. You can apply to gun (with specific solvent) and is available in colors, to facilitate the enamel opacity.

The Sika construction products range includes additives to concrete, mortar special, sealants and adhesives, water-proof materials, structural strengthening, industrial flooring and waterproofing membrane systems

Sikalastic-353DW: for hydraulic structures

Sikalastic-353DW is a liquid waterproofing membrane of polyurethane, one-component, with high resistance, and that meets the sanitary quality of drinking water criteria. It offers high resistance to surfaces of concrete, mortar, ceramic, polyester reinforced with fiberglass, etc. It is designed for use in hydraulic structures such as deposits of drinking water, wells, tanks, scrubbers, canals and fish farms. It is characterized by an application easy and economical, high chemical and mechanical resistance and is suitable for contact with drinking water. It can be used with very low temperatures and high humidity, it may pass and does not need priming. There are also highly resistant to weathering and UV rays.

Sikalastic-841ST: waterproofing and anticorrosion on steel and concrete

This product Sika is a pure polyurea curing membrane quick application liquid, elastic, two-component, 100 per 100 solids. Applies only to machine. It is indicated for the waterproofing and protection anti-corrosion of applications on steel, concrete and many other carriers: protective coatings, deposits, bridges, decks, catwalks and balconies, pavements and coverings of car parks, facilities and industrial production, water reservoirs and power plants. He is noted for its rapid reaction and curing time and almost immediate start-up time. It is applicable with temperatures ranging from - 30 to + 70 ° C. 100 Percent solid and free of Voc behaves in a stable with temperatures from - 30 to + 120 ° C, with components. It offers excellent properties of capacitance of fissures, high resistance to solvents, acids and bases, resistant to UV rays and excellent anti-corrosion protection.