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Bizerba Develops a package of solutions for the new regulation of labeling of the EU

Looking for a standard of labeling


29 May 2012

The new Regulation of labeling of the EU, that forces to include some nutritional information of the foods, will go in in force próximamente. The manufacturers confront to an increase of the work of impressesion and of the traffic of data. Preparing for the future increase of volume of work, Bizerba has increased the power of his labelling machines. And at the same time it is developing a solution of system for codes QR attendant to recover the new data to advertising effects in Internet and in this way amortise a part of his costs. Experts of the sector gathered to debate on the future of this technology in the frame of a round table of Bizerba in the fair Anuga FoodTec of Colony.

The new obligations

To finals of the past year, the European Parliament approved the new Regulation of labelled of the EU 1169/2011. Said regulation has that from 13 December 2014 all the manufacturers have to include information on alérgenos and foods of imitation, tables with the nutritional values more important and a label with the exact origin of the product. The aim of this compulsory information is to facilitate to the consumer the election of the products according to his individual alimentary needs. But a greater transparency for the consumer requires also a greater investment of time and of money by part of the manufacturer.

Improvement of the technician in the trasfondo

Bizerba Already increased the power of his labelling machines the past year. The GLM-Imaxx has of a CPU of greater performance, a graphic processor faster and a new architecture of efficient communications even with big volumes of data. Besides, Bizerba has created new fields for nutritional values in the database and has dise­ñado an aplicador commissioned to place the labels ‘C-Wrap' on the packaging. In the actuality, these labels enjoy of a big acceptance in the market, since when wrapping the product by three sides, allow an optimum management of the space. With these improvements, the manufacturers are prepared for the future volume of work without that it diminish the performance, although the traffic of data, the need of space and the work of impressesion increase.
Bizerba Already increased the power of his labelling machines the past year.

Reutilizar The data to advertising effects and amortise costs

Enough before the approval of the new regulation, Bizerba already was working in a new system of communication that allowed to the producers of foods create codes QR with dynamic content for his products. The system allows to manage basic data and of production with help of the software _datamaintenance. Brain And transfer them on line to providers of external data (for example, to mynetfair and fTrace). There they can create recipes, photos and additional recommendations of purchase. The consumers access to this information through labelled mobile (Mobile Tagging) scanning the code QR with his smartphone.

And which is the aim of all this? Dieter Conzelmann, director of the department Industry Solutions of Bizerba explains it: “The new regulation of the EU supposes an investment of time and of money for the manufacturers. We have found a solution to compensate the block of costs of acquisition and management of the data. How? Through the on-line marketing: if for example I know the place and the conditions of the child or crop, can use this information to advertising effects and represent it in a map of Google.”

The experts of the sector debated on the perspectives of future in Anuga FoodTec

Experts of the alimentary sector gathered in the fair Anuga FoodTec celebrated in Colony to debate, in the frame of a round table of Bizerba, on the best way to satisfy the requirements of the Regulation of labelled of the EU by part of the producers of foods, distributors and providers of machinery. In the table, in addition to Dieter Conzelmann (director of Industry Solutions in Bizerba), also were present Angela Schillings-Schmitz (director senior of the sector cárnico in GS-1 Germany) and Christoph Rösener (director of the computer department of Bauerngut Fleisch- und Wurstwaren).
Of izq. To dcha.: Dieter Conzelmann, Angela Schillings-Schmitz and Christoph Rösener.
Since in the future the manufacturers will have to facilitate more data, can encode them directly in code QR and use them for on-line marketing to end to purchase a greater presence and compensate a part of the new costs. The experts are convinced that they would have to do it in any case to keep on being competitive. But it is clear that is missing a standardisation, the process is too desorganizado: the companies develop expensive individual solutions to gather the data of his products and of the ones of his providers and transmit them to providers of external data. This supposes a problem for the providers, that have to work constantly with different interfaces, signalled Christoph Rösener. On the other hand, the small companies do not have of the necessary capital for similar work of development.

The experts shared an opinion: the sector needs a new standard. Conzelman Declared, convinced, that the standard GS-1 could be of big utility to extend a concept to European level. It exposed his wish to achieve for the future a clear orientation, the possibility to offer to the customers a system standardised with a low investment, and stood out that Bizerba could adjust the technician to said standard in little time. Angela Schillings-Schmitz shared this opinion, but did also upsetting on the enormous challenges that suppose the processes of consensus, explaining that they exist a lot of companies that are not had to work in the development of a format standardised. But the experts coincide in that the code QR deserve all this effort. Because no only it offers new means for marketing, but also for the trazabilidad and the management of crisis.

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