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Ecoembes Presents the data of recycling of the yellow and blue container in the past year

In 2011 they recycled in Spain the equivalent containers to fill 90 stadiums of football

David Muñoz17/05/2012

17 May 2012

Taking advantage of the celebration of the World-wide Day of the Recycling, Ecoembes, the non-profit organisation that manages the recovery and the recycling of the containers of plastic, the tins and the briks (yellow container) and the containers of cardboard and paper (blue container) in all Spain, has given to know the corresponding data to the year 2011, that like appearances more stood out reflect a tax of recycling of domestic containers that already reaches 68,3% (3,6% more than in 2010) and a total of 1,2 million tonnes of containers recycled.

Like frame for the presentation of the data of the 2011, Ecoembes has chosen a singular building of Madrid, the Palace of Glass of the Arganzuela, of the that can say that it also has happened recently by a process of “recycling”, when changing his ancient function of dependency of the ancient slaughterhouse, by his current activity of museum and invernadero of plants of different parts of the world.

Of left to right: Óscar Martín, general director of Ecoembes, Marcos of Fifth, president of Ecoembes, and Antonio Barrón, director of Corporate Communication and of Marketing of Ecoembes.

The act of welcome ran to charge of Antonio Barrón, director of Corporate Communication and of Marketing of Ecoembes, for the one who “the recycling is an entirely consolidated activity in Spain”, thanks to the conjoint work exerted by companies, citizens, administrations and media.

Reflection in which it coincided the president of Ecoembes, Marcos of Fifth, the one who besides showed his satisfaction for being able to represent to an entity that, in spite of the economic difficulties that crosses this country, follows giving results very satisfactory. “The tax of recycling of domestic containers in Spain reached in 2011 68,3%, what supposed 3,6% more than the previous year, and this would have to do us feel very proud to all because it places us in command of Europe in matter of recycling”, indicated.

This satisfaction sees besides increased, as it manifested Marcos of Fifth, because this growth in the tax of recycling has attained without increasing the cost of the Green Point but improving the efficiency in the processes, what consolidates to Ecoembes like a reference between the SIGs European.

The president of Ecoembes wanted also take advantage of his exhibition to show his support to the modifications that has posed the new Government to the Law of Waste and Floors Contaminated, fundamentally regarding the course backwards that it has given in the system of return that, according to Ecoembes, generated confusion between the citizenship and whose implantation would suppose an extra cost in the products commercialised.

Antonio Barrón, director of Corporate Communication and of Marketing of Ecoembes.

Recycled 7 of each 10 containers

The exhibition of the data of the 2011 of Ecoembes has corresponded to his new general director, Óscar Martín, the one who substitutes in the charge to Melchor Ordóñez after his long and important contribution to the growth of this entity. “From Ecoembes want to transmit two big ideas, that want to keep on being a model of sustainable and efficient management, and second, that will follow working of the hand of companies, administrations and citizens to consolidate the commitment of preservation of our surroundings”, manifested Óscar Martín.

The main conclusion of the last report of Ecoembes is that “Spain continues improving his results in matter of recycling”. The tax of recycling of domestic containers in Spain already surpassed 68% in 2011 (in 1998 was hardly of 4,8%). Until 1.213.040 tonnes of containers were recycled during the past year, what means that almost 7 of each 10 of these containers deposited in the 500.000 containers that exist in our country, have been able to have a second life like new prime matter.

The citizen contribution of light containers (plastic, metal and briks) in the yellow container was of 11,3 kg by inhabitant and year. While, the average of containers of paper and cardboard deposited in the blue container was of 18 kg by inhabitant to the year.

Through a simple gesture, the one of the separation, each day million citizens make possible from his homes that the efficient management of the waste was a reality. Thanks to the 103 agreements that Ecoembes keeps in the actuality with the public servicys the citizens can deposit his containers in the containers the 24 hours of the day, the 365 days of the year.

Spain situates between the countries that better recycle containers in Europe, 13 points above the tax established by the European Union (55%)
Marcos of Fifth, president of Ecoembes.

A total of 12.088 companies, with his participation through the Green Point, constitute the third link of the chain of recycling of containers in our country, allowing recycle the containers that put in market once that these turn into waste. Of this form, and thanks to this conjoint work, Spain situates between the countries that better recycle containers in Europe, 13 points above the tax established by the European Union (55%).

By own nature, like non-profit entity, Ecoembes has to employ all his income in the development of his competitions. Like this, it closed the exercise happened with an income of 418 million euros, pertinent the majority of the contributions of the Green Point. Regarding the expenses, in 2011 employed 421 million euros, of which the practical whole were allocated to the agreements with the Local Entities that fund the collected selective.

Environingingmental conservation

The results obtained in 2011 reveal that the Spaniards no only recycle more but every time they do it better. This, joined to the important work promoted by Ecoembes in matter of citizen sensitisation and environingingmental education, has allowed to recycle, in the last year, 50% of the containers of plastic (344.589 tonnes), 77% of the containers of metal (255.000 tonnes) and 82% of the containers of paper and cardboard (607.767 tonnes).

The conjoint effort of citizens, administrations and companies in matter of recycling brings achieve important profits for the conservation of the surroundings. Proof of this is that in 14 years of management of Ecoembes has avoided the broadcast of more than 11,5 million tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere through the recycling of 11,7 million tonnes of containers, or what is the same, 880 stadiums of full football of containers. This figure supposes also a saving of 13,3 million Mwh, equivalent to the power consumed by the inhabitants of Valencia and Bilbao during a year, or to the annual consumption of water of 5,5 million citizens (314 million m3).


The increasing ecological consciousness of the citizens has brought achieve that, to the hour to choose a product of the linear, award every time greater importance to those containers that are sustainable. For this, Ecoembes supports to the companies in the impulse of measures that reduce the environingingmental footprint that generate his containers from the same process of his manufacture, through the reduction of the weight of the containers, the incorporation of materials recycled or the promotion of the reuse. In the last Plan of Prevention (2009-2011) designed with this purpose, the companies, in collaboration with Ecoembes, carried out 8.200 measures that have allowed to reduce more than 100.000 tonnes of raw materials, with the consequent profit for the environingingment.

Óscar Martín, general director of Ecoembes.

From the year 1998, have carried out a total of 28.500 measures that make possible, for example, that a bottle of water incorporate plastic recycled, that a bottle of soda of 1,5 litres have diminished his weight in 12% in the last 10 years, that a yogurt weigh the half or that a tin of beer was 17% lighter.

In 14 years of management of Ecoembes has avoided the broadcast of more than 11,5 million tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere

9.000 direct places of green employment

Of direct way, the Integrated cheese cheese System of Management of Ecoembes generates more than 9.000 places of work.

On line with previous years, in 2011 Ecoembes bet by the incorporation of the new technologies in all the processes of recovery and recycling in the yellow and blue container, with the aim to optimise the system of collected selective in Spain and do it increasingly sustainable. This system explains in the actuality with 94 plants of selection of containers (of which 46 are automated) working to full performance. A continuous bet by the efficiency in the conservation of our environingingment.

Of face to the future, Ecoembes marks keep growing in a 2-3% in the taxles of annual recycling, for what will boost “to recycle more and better”, compensating like this the fall of the consumption that drags all economic crisis. Besides it will put in operation the new Plan of Prevention 2012-2015, will look for new roads to win in operative efficiency and will keep his bet by a model of sustainable development.

Spain, through Ecoembes, is member of the international organisation Pro Europe (Packaging Recovery Organization Europe) that congrega to the SIGs of 34 countries that answer to similar operations and that have the common identification of the Green Point. This symbol recognises the products of more than 170.000 companies that form part of Pro Europe, and guarantees that these containers are fulfilling with the obligations that demands the Law.

Under the umbrella of Pro Europe more than 400 million inhabitants of all Europe can separate in different containers his containers and thanks to his commitment has achieved recover 48 million tonnes of containers.

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