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Tecnicartón Develops a system of pallets 'Non-stop' to reduce costs


19 March 2012

Today more than ever it speaks of productivity, to delete those tasks that are not necessary in the processes and to optimise the available resources. Any productive process has to be focused to the continuous improvement and to the saving of costs.

In sectors like the graphic industry, the manufacture of cases to or the production of packagings against-encolados exist productive processes whose logistical of supply is a key factor to the hour to achieve productive processes more efficient. Processes of impressesion, of against encolado or of coined require of a continuity in the supply of pliegos, leaves, ironingings that sees interrupted by the simple fact to have to substitute the palet “vacio” by a new palet “full” of prime matter. This interruption involves a stop of machine and therefore a loss of productivity.

A very practical solution that avoids this interruption, are the pallets designated 'Non-Stop'. The pallets Non-Stop are pallets that are not allocated for the transport, but to the internal movement of prime matter or of product semi-elaborated inside the factory. These pallets are designed so that they can lodge some special metallic bars that will serve of support of the battery of leaves, ironingings or pliegos while it substitutes the palet.

Generally these pallets are manufactured with plastic injected. The technology of the injection requires of moulds to be able to manufacture each one of the models of palet. These models are different in function of the size of palet used and in function of the machine to coin, print, laminar, etc.

Tecnicarton has developed an innovative valid system for any measure and for any machine without need to invest in moulds of injection. A system that does not require minimum productions. It treats of a platform termo-conformed in shape of almenas that joins up to any palet of plastic or wooden. This system, very versatile and competitive, allows to take advantage of the pallets of normal use and turn them into pallets 'Non-Stop'.

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