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We have it big

Ibon Linacisoro. Director of Interempresas25/10/2010

25 October 2010

The House of prostitutes, it is understood. We have so great, that we have the largest in Europe. Here are a few digitally. We are going to come with productivity rates, increases in GDP or classifications triple a. friends Europeans, namely Spain, here we know pass us so well, we know live. Not like you, boring, working a little bit each day, less even than us, but then there, stuck at home all day, with children, the gym, the care of trees, worried by not contaminar… That no man who does not, that if you want to learn to live, come to Spain, go through La Jonquera and required you must substitue our magnitudes. If you have to put you the name in English, if you have any doubt about where is paradise. And apparently, so that doesn't lack that authentic Spanish taste, before opening the workers they finished some ornaments with drills and hammers. Around the clock, so we like to us. We also like to have it great... The House of prostitutes, it is understood.

We do not like to have it pequeña… The sardine, for example. The sardines we also like big. There is an ad on TV that advocates respect for the minimum sizes. It is the FROM, regulation and organization of the market of the products of fishing and marine crops Fund, an autonomous body attached to the Ministry of environment and Rural and marine affairs. In the FROM they promote the consumption of fish products and the issue of the pezqueñines are concerned about. "Pezqueñines no, thank you, just let them grow". This is a little part of the same. Crouched as we face the Teutonic portents, out of all, we we're going for big, taking advantage of this inherent ease to enjoy life. For example, we also guide European rankings of undoubted prestige, such as unemployment, directly connected with the knowledge to live, or hunting in Africa. Did not you know? Yes, apparently Spain is, after United States and Germany, the country that most hunters in Africa. It is to guess a chance to enjoy life, and kill leopards is, no doubt, and point us. And if there are elephants, as the thing goes from sizes, sure that enjoyment is greater. Larger, more is our joy. We like to have it large. The House of prostitutes, the sardine and the piece of runs means.

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