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Detalles de oferta de Nave en venta en alcobendas [a-n.314_frío - 87616741] (0/1573882)

ClasificaciónNorte Metropolitano (M-607, A-1) (Naves venta)
NombreNave en venta en Alcobendas [A-N.314_frío - 87616741]
Referencia clienteA-N.314_frío - 87616741
Superficie4.000 m2
DetallesAN. 314_frío: Ship for rent fully equipped for meat industries.
Ground floor (nave) = 2.000 m2
1st floor (nave) = 1.700 m2
2nd floor (offices) = 300 m2
Height: 4m
6 springs
It has a transformer of great power, gas, electrical and force installation, interior and exterior scales, 2 forklifts, rails for movement of goods, refrigeration rooms, freezing tunnels, cold machinery, maintenance rooms, exploded parts, etc.
Offices equipped.
Dinning room.
BIE´S firefighting.
Parking for 25 vehicles.
Availability: immediate.
Precio 3.800.000 EUR
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Teléfono+34--916 513 012
Fax+34--916 513 033
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