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Detalles de oferta de Nave en alquiler en alcalá de henares [ah-n.367_3 - 83588050] (0/712600)

ClasificaciónEste Metropolitano (A-2, A-3) (Naves alquiler)
NombreNave en alquiler en Alcalá de Henares [AH-N.367_3 - 83588050]
Referencia clienteAH-N.367_3 - 83588050
MunicipioAlcalá de Henares
PolígonoPryconsa - Poligono Europa
Superficie15.900 m2
DetallesLOGISTIC SHIP FOR RENT 15.900 m2 built on a plot of 88.926 m² with springs.
Warehouse 13.701 m2 with 12 m height.
Mezzanine: 1.817 m2
Offices m2 382 m2
Security zone for loading
and vehicle unloading, springs equipped with automated electric doors (3 x 3m).
ESFR sprinkler system, certified according to NFPA standards.
Walls of separation of fire resistance between units.
Reels of fire hose, fire alarm and evacuation system, LED lights, extruders system.
Offices with lift, air conditioning system, Sprinkler system with ESFR certification, LED lights, sanitary facilities.
1 overhead doors on the floor
18 springs
150 parking spaces.
Availability: July-Sep 2019.
Precio 71.550 EUR/mes
Última modificación de la información15/03/2019 14:21:12


Teléfono+34--916 513 012
Fax+34--916 513 033
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