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Winning is not always win - lose is not always lose

Ibon Linacisoro. Director09/09/2009

September 9, 2009

You what prefer, win or lose? On the occasion of the return to Spain entered us a doubt. What is win and what is lost? It was the Chronicle of one of the stages on a road bicycle racer who, at 37 years, was still there, in the professional peloton, but who had never won anything. "A cyclist used to defeat". The comments clashed. Is a person with 37 years, able to be among the best 200 in the world, travel through more than 3,000 kms in 21 days a person accustomed to defeat? Sport as a media item has been popularized thus happens through many hands, more know that sport, WINS and losses, that it is not exactly the same as the sport. It is the way of life 'winners' and 'losers' which screened on TV and that puts the vast majority of the elite athletes in considered lots of clumsy. Anyone that ever mounted on a bike knows what has to be chained 20 days exceeding daily tours of more than 150 kms. Anyone who has played football, basketball, handball and volleyball, athletics, swimming and rowing, having made known calibrate what it means to be in the elite. And, for example, play in a first Division, is to be in the elite, although you do not leave in the news every day.

And companies also are in this segregation in the world between winners and losers. Loser, according to the illogical logic, would be a company that has been 20 years devoted himself to the same activity, with a faithful clientele and good paying, with customers who are already friends, a few accounts that leave no doubt about its solvencyan unobtrusive template and a virtually assured future. Yes, Yes, it would be losing only by its size, the absence of 'cracks' of renown in their template or by little-known name. A losing company is easily recognized: the positions of employees in the cards contained in Spanish. That, gentlemen, can't afford you a winning company.

Winners, would be the magazine of the TV in the evening. Those that measure their success by its audience and that paid to their most normalitos contributors 1,500 euros a day and $ 3,000 in the case of the pundits star. That's winning, friends, go to the TV to put down a donkey to other fellow citizens and win $ 3,000 in an afternoon. Up to 150,000 euros per year is embolsan some. Without studying for it, without having downloaded a brick truck, without having ploughed a field, or have risked a euro.

Winning and losing, two absolutely relative terms. Survive this crisis is to win. Live bitter is losing, even with the card in English.

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