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Castrol BP Safecoat DW 10

Fluent hidrofugante: for the dried of pieces without heat

Picture of Fluent hidrofugante
Lubricalia Has of Castrol Safecoat DW 10, a fluent hidrofugante, for the trip of the water, especially formulated from a volatile solvent of high flashpoint, that evaporates quickly without leaving perceivable residue.

It employs for the dried of metallic pieces, optical components and sensitive articles to the corrosion to which can not apply heat.

The pieces to treat submerge in the fluid during a minute in a tank containing the product. By the action of the tensioactivos selected, the present water separates in drops that accumulate at the bottom of the tank forming a layer, that can be deleted daily by drainage.

The pieces of big dimensions can treat by aspersión.

By his properties lubricantes Castrol Safecoat DW 10 also can be employed for processes of cutting and deformation little severe (glass, aluminium, etc.) where require a total evaporation of the lubricante.