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Roma, 7 - Pol. Ind. Cova Solera
08191 Rubí (Barcelona) Spain

Equipment and systems for surface treatment

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Rösler International GmbH & Co. KG (Rosler)

When problems are found with the preparation and surface finish, Rosler offers a total solution process!.

Customers can choose between three processing technologies: vibration finish, blasting and industrial washing, which offer unlimited possibilities. Through extensive testing process, always find finishing solution adapted to the needs of customers.

This includes not only the development of a specific finishing process, but also the selection of proper equipment and its consumables.

They give total solution to meet your requirements of surface finish. Success in the marketplace is the proof. It is no coincidence that the innovative development and quality standards have become Rosler technological world leader on the market in preparation and surface finish.

It is the only company in the field that operates with centers of tests and demonstrations throughout the world. This allows to run tests under production conditions more approximate to the reality of their customers.

Which offers many advantages: saving time and money for clients, and at the same time receive the best solution process and products available in the market, through professional advice and testing process.

The Rösler group has more than 1228 employees around the world, including 802 in Germany. Their distribution chain, caters to 14 branch offices and representatives in more than 60 countries. Despite the size, they are still a family business with the intention to remain so in the future.

Its manufacturing programme includes: ˇ Finishing a vibration ˇ Consumables (abrasive and compound) ˇ Shot blasting, shotblasting, shot-peening ˇ Systems of painting and conservation ˇ Industrial wash ˇ Environmental technology (process water recycling and centrifugal high performance for water treatment) Rosler has the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000 for the production, marketing, distribution and installation of machinery for the treatment of surfaces, and the marketing of its consumables.