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This company is leading in the sector of the technician of automation and the industrial electronics equipment dealers equipment dealers

Pilz: 20 years of presence in Spain

Editorial Interempresas23/04/2012

23 April 2012

Pilz Like innovative company of technology tip of automation, has developed during 20 years, successfully in all Spain, the sale of products and services of hygiene, guaranteeing like this the success of his implementation. With roughly 1.500 employees all over the world, Pilz has turned into a global universal provider of solutions for the technician of control and of hygiene and of services of hygiene. In addition to the central headquarters of Germany, Pilz has 28 subsidiaries and branches in all the continents.

The products cover sensors, devices of electronic supervision, solutions of automation with Motion Control, devices of hygiene, systems of programmable control and the area control and visualise. For the interconnection in industrial surroundings supply systems of safe bus, system of Ethernet and industrial wireless systems.

Pilz Offers likewise a complete program of services with a wide offer of courses of learning and, together with the advice on hygiene and engineering, a service that covers all the cycle of hygiene.

During these 20 years Pilz has adapted his strategy of company to cover the needs of his customers regarding the technical hygiene; economic hygiene; personal hygiene; and ecological hygiene.

Technical hygiene: innovations that excite

The range of provision of Pilz covers so many components of first line like solutions of system and universal services. Like pioneers of standard solutions, the company has given important impulses and transformed of root the world of the automation with his innovations of technician of hygiene.

Like this, moves of coherent form the knowledges purchased along a lot of years in relation with the rigorous exigencias of the engineering of hygiene to the requirements of the functions of general control. The result: the hygiene is integral part of all the solutions of Pilz and the customer receives an alone solution for hygiene and standard. Without tasks or supplementary expenses and for the automation homogénea of machines and installations further of any border.


Ecological hygiene: solutions that protect the environingingment.

The continuous improvement of the hygiene of the people, the machines and the environingingment is one of the aims declared of the company. For this reason, Pilz develops respectful products with the environingingment because it uses ecological and technical materials of low energetic consumption. In buildings of ecological design produces and works with more environingingmental consciousness and less consumption of power.

Of course, the realisation of respectful applications with the environingingment is integral part of all the provision of advice and engineering. Pilz Offers sustainability with the hygiene to purchase products energetically efficient and solutions that preserve the environingingment.


Personal hygiene: technician of safe automation

"Pilz And his personnel are ambassadors of the hygiene. All over the world. Thus, Pilz watches because the most esteemed capital of his company, that is to say, the personnel, can work with hygiene, without danger of injuries". Pilz Offers components and safe systems, as well as services related with the hygiene of the machines and installations with a level of quality high and constant all over the world. The personal advice, high degree of flexibility and a reliable service put of relief our vicinity to the customer. Pilz Is the partner of confidence of all the manufacturers and companies users of machines and installations. His customers know it and value the personal relation with a familiar company by a part and by another, the hygiene that offers one of the pointers of the market.

Economic hygiene: profitability to keep in head

The solutions of Pilz based in an innovative technician of automation and concepts of hygiene customised to all the levels increase the availability of the machines and the installations.

The processes of production are more efficient. The fusion of the technician of safe control and of operation creates sinergias. Creation of simple programs, fast and intuitive or the possibility to go back to use modules of previous program, complete solutions, coordinated and recognised composed of unit of evaluation and sensor or, simply, more space in the cupboard of distribution: save time and costs in all the phases of engineering, from the planning and the configuration until the set up and the maintenance. The long useful life, the option of extension and the flexibility of his solutions of system guarantee on a long-term basis.

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