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Rockwell Automation introduces 'factorytalk Historian Machine edition' to improve the reliability of the data


March 12, 2010

rockwell automation has presented the module 'FactoryTalk Historian Machine Edition', a module of historicization specifically designed for machine control, specializes in helping manufacturers to reduce the risk of downtime of the machines and to achieve the goals of continuous improvement of processes. 'factorytalk Historian ME' is a module embedded hardware, particularly strengthened for the capture of data in the machine itself, with limited software, without moving parts and a very small risk of loss of data due to fall of the network or other systems. Help manufacturers to transform the intelligence of manufacturing in process improvements, to take the production data in real time, to improve the quality of the product, accelerate its placing on the market and comply with the regulations.

Rockwell Automation has designed FactoryTalk Historian ME as part of an architecture in layers and distributed that enables staff from different places and different operational levels visualize and analyze, depending on your role, adequate historical data.

'factorytalk Historian Machine edition', a module of historicization specifically designed for machine control.

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