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Multi-sensor measuring machine Carl Zeiss O-Inspect exchanged tactile and optical sensors without interrupting the cycle CNC

Measuring small parts in a more efficient way

Source: Carl Zeiss10/03/2010

March 10, 2010

Multi-sensor measuring machine Carl zeiss O-Inspect increases the effectiveness in the verification of small and complex parts. Its use is oriented to the assurance of quality and inspection of first samples of small and complex pieces of plastic, automotive, precision machining industry, as well as for medical applications. You can combine optical and tactile measurements without having to interrupt the cycle CNC.
O-Inspect ensures the quality and inspection of first samples of small and complex parts in the industry of plastic, automotive, machining of precision and medical applications.
The O-Inspect combines high flexibility with great stability of results in a process of measurement and a single configuration. This is achieved on the one hand with sensors developed by Zeiss and on the other hand thanks to the software of measurement based on CAD Calypso. In addition to the VAST XXT probe to touch 'scanning', the machine is equipped with a Carl Zeiss objective. Calypso allows extensive checks of measurement, shape and position with a systematic user's Guide. With him is you can calibrate, schedule, measure and verify. With a single click, the measurement system changes the display of the camera to the CAD model. In this way, the image from the camera to the CAD structures can overlap. Deviations from the nominal data can be displayed in the CAD image.
A coaxial laser pointer facilitates navigation during programming.

The multisensórica improves the productivity of the measurement

The heart of the O-Inspect is the sensors equipped with sensors developed by Zeiss. Effective scanning probe VAST XXT is done touch measurement. The optical sensor consists of a CCD camera and a very flexible 12 x optical zoom lens. With them, Carl Zeiss has integrated two of the best technologies of measurement of the market.

The O-Inspect is configured so that the sensors can be exchanged automatically at any time of the CNC cycle. The sensor optical non is only used with small features, delicate or soft materials, but also when the flow of manufacture of the pieces is important. A sophisticated lighting system with 8 different of high-power LED settings, ring light multi-sector coaxial light and transmitted light and external create the necessary contrast for the optical measurement.

Larger holes and contours can scan with VAST XXT or check with a measurement point to point. The different configurations of probes increases flexibility. No matter if the settings are changed automatically or manually, it is no longer necessary to recalibrate. This streamlines the processes of measurement. Deviations from the nominal data is displayed without the need of more measurement directly on the camera image superimposed on the Calypso software CAD view. Even complex measuring tasks can be conducted with the direct assistance of templates in the image of the camera. Carl Zeiss, as a leading manufacturer of equipment and software for measurement, has integrated this feature into Calypso.

The spectrum of parts to be measured on a multisensórica measuring machine is so different as the place of use of a three-dimensional and O-Inspect achieve precise results in any work environment.

Change, activate, measure

The O-Inspect fulfills the wishes of having a team with a high-accuracy measurement and a simple and fast handling industry. The requirements for this are: an integrated buffer anti-vibraciones system, high speed, monitoring and automatic from their drives and constant drives, as well as an array of automatic correction of errors in their blaring (CAA). The fixed bridge and the mobile measurement table allow access from three extremes, both to the loading of the piece, such as when changing the configuration of probes. This can also facilitate the implementation of a system of palletising. The O-Inspect is handled quickly and easily.

Example of optical measurement (left) and touch with the O-Inspect. In the first case should determine the position of small holes in a complex surface while the second should determine the position in space with two cylinders.

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