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GD Aparatos present in the Czech Republic


October 26, 2009

GD Aparatos follows its international expansion. This time, the company has established a new partnership agreement with the company Profer Plus. This group is perfectly positioned in the Czech market where provides services related to hydrocarbon gases. Profer was the first company of the Group Profer Plus and its activity began in 1995. From that date he began to create a network of LPG stations. Later Profer Plus was created to support its activities. The aim of Profer Plus has been ensure the importation of gas hydrocarbons (LPG) and increase sales to all types of wholesalers, always using its own technology and transport in all the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Accordingly, the companies Profertop and Profer Asistent were founded.

On the one hand, ProferTop has specialized in the use of gas oil for heating while, on the other hand, Profer Asistent has based its work in providing services of facilities to Profer Group and its customers.


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