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Miki Pulley Servoflex y Starflex

Attachments of high provision: with a speed of until 20.000 rpm

Picture of Attachments of high provision
MIKI Pulley, Japanese manufacturer, presents in the European market the series Servoflex and Starflex.

MIKI Pulley Has optimised the materials and the constructive form, with the help of the most modern means of design and manufacture, to be able to provide the maximum provision to his customers.

The attachments MIKI Pulley stand out by: high rigidity torsional, minimum histéresis and speed until 20.000 rpm (series SFM).

The range comprises: Servoflex SFC of plates, with body in aluminium, 0,2 ÷ 250 Nm; Servoflex SFS / SFF / SFM / SFH of plates, with body in steel, 70 ÷ 8000 Nm and Starflex ALS-And / ALS-R with elastic star 90 or 97 Sh, 1,2 ÷ 325 Nm.

The products MIKI Pulley are distributed in Spain and Portugal by Threads FEYC.