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"Over 40 years we have experienced 4 crisis and always have overcome;" "now will not be an exception"

Interview with Albert Tena Font, Manager of Dimasolda-Blecken Ibérica, S.A

LAIA Banús16/11/2010

November 16, 2010

The presence of Dimasol on the market dates back to 1970. Since then, the activity developed by the company has allowed a significant presence in the market of machine-tool for the sectors of start of swarf and deformation of sheet metal with the distribution of the major brands in the market. Albert Tena, an institution within the Catalan Metal, tells us in this interview a little more of its corporate group and on the sector, which is not happening precisely its best time.
Albert Tena Font: "Taking into account that we have had a decade of positive business can withstand these moments".

Tell us about your company. What are the major brands that distributed?

We have defined the product and brand in each company in our group. Dimasolda distributes machines for mechanization, Blecken Iberian for cutting and deformation of sheet metal and Apasol welding machinery. We distribute brands of first level in the various sectors as well as some own Blecken and Cimatic in cutters and folding, Apasol and CEM in welding equipment brands.

Have they incorporated lately new brands to its portfolio?

We have incorporated new technologies primarily in the field of court by laser and cutting by water.

The company dates back to 1970. It has the sector much changed these past 40 years?

There is no comparison. Mechanically the evolution is slow or impossible but the incorporation of electronics allows a breakthrough almost every day, so to speak in exaggerated form.

"When revive activity many workshops will be obsolete if they have not technically appropriate your offer"

Bearing in mind the crisis in the automotive industry and construction, what are the new sectors currently 'pulling' the demand for equipment for metal?

In the Spanish market, there is no any metallurgical sector moderately functioning. The investment is paralysed and if someone has the idea of making an effort to improve their production, already covers banking relieve him of such bad thoughts.

And these new sectors, does require machines with other technological capabilities as the microdecoletaje or the machining of large pieces?

We do not have an answer for this. However, we do have clear that when the activity be revived, many workshops will be obsolete if they have not entered into the improvement of facilities and technically appropriate to its offer.

"We have incorporated new technologies primarily in the field of court by laser and cutting by water". In the image, the team of laser cutting Lasermak, of the mark Ermaksan, distributed by Blecken.

In addition to provide the equipment, do they also carry out maintenance?

Today a company that could not provide an adequate SAT is not viable.

The companies did ask for more and more implementation and adaptation to their needs?

It goes by sectors. The trend in companies of a certain level is turnkey. However, there is an industrial network of micro-enterprises where the introduction is only machine.

"Today is not viable an undertaking that could not provide an adequate SAT"

Just an especially tough year... How is your company weather the storm?

As all distributors of machinery: evil. Losing. Bearing in mind that we have had a decade of positive business we can bear this time but resources such as patience, will run out one day if not comes a situation better.

And you see the 2011?

With confusion. Our impression is that it has bottomed but that we can walk for a long time for this Fund. There are situations that invite optimism and others to the contrary.

Even so, taking into account that in 40 years we have experienced four crisis and that they have always exceeded, we will now not be an exception. Anyway, to make a prediction for 2011, we need many pages of the magazine.

Facilities of the business group in Sant Quirze del Vallès (Barcelona).

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