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Revisan, S.L.PG 67 - Chorizo

Chorizo cular Extra Iberian: of natural acorn

Picture of Chorizo cular Extra Iberian
Elaborated with a selection of meats of Iberian pig, is one of the most representative products inside the big family of the Iberian. In his manufacturing follow the traditional recipes inherited of the ancestors, employing natural products of the best quality: salt, pimentón of the Edge and natural spices.

Some of his characteristic are:

Weight: 0,800 to 1,400 kg

Length: 60 cm. Aprox.

Diameter: 60 mm. Aprox.

Category: Iberian Extra.

Tripa: Natural.

Quality: acorn.

Presentation: integer without empty, whole packaging to the empty or in halves to the empty.