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Ctra. Socuéllamos, km. 2
13700 Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) Spain
Location of Ovinos Manchegos, S.L.


Ovinos Manchegos, S.L.

With the union of societies: cattle Ovimancha (owner of 70% of the share Capital) and sheep Teruel (30% of the same holder), sheep Manchegos, SL was born in 2001, located in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) and characterized by vertical integration of all of its production. This comes from own out-of-State certificates, next to industrial facilities, which feature line slaughter of sheep, slaughter beef line, cutting room and vacuum-packed, room of filleting and putting in modified atmosphere, room meals, cold store and freezing warehouse, as well as an own fleet of trucks, refrigerators and livestock. This allows a complete and exhaustive control of the product at each stage of its production, starting from breeding and fattening of cattle, transport of the live animal, slaughter, cutting, packaging and cold storage, and ending in a distribution and personal attention provided to each of their clients.