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Bizerba Showed the last in scales and cortadoras for the ‘retail' in the frame of Hispack&Bta

Systems of weighing that manage information and detect the state of the foods

Anna León25/05/2012

25 May 2012

What asks the buyer in the point of sale? Mainly access to the information. The manufacturers of systems of weighing of last generation know it well, and Bizerba is not the exception. An information that is necessary to manage and encode for like this facilitate a greater trazabilidad of the heavy products, in opinion of Pedro Pinho, director for the south of Europe and Latin America of the German signature. To these technical characteristics add others and like this could check during the presence of Bizerba in Hispack&Bta. For example, scales that include artificial vision for like this detect the presence of odd matters and the state of the foods.
Sight of part of the zone devoted to the 'retail' in the stand of Bizerba, coinciding with the contests Hispack&Bta. At the end, some of the systems of weighing presented by the signature.

The ‘retail' of nowadays generates a sinfín of information. It grows the number of formats, packs, ranges and families of products to encode and manage. At the same time, the consumer is more informed about that that buys. In front of similar panorama, the point of sale opts by equipment that, from the technological field, allow him satisfy similar requirements. Manufacturers of systems of weighing and machinery of treatment of foods, as Bizerba, have put hands to the work with the purpose to consolidate his presence in the point of sale. Like this we could it check, the past 16 March, in the stand of the signature in the frame of Hispack & Bta. There we had the opportunity to speak with Pedro Pinho, director for the south of Europe and Latin America of the German signature.

Our itinerary by the stand began with a visit to the scales and systems of weighing that Bizerba showed in the fair, in tuning with the requirements that demand on the one hand, the establishments, and by the another, the own buyers. “In these moments, the customer looks for the access to a greater information, that is necessary to treat. Therefore we present the scales KH 400, that through the code QR facilitates this access. Another innovation is the scales KH 800, a novelty in this country, since they do not commercialise systems of weighing with artificial vision”.

Scales or PC?

“The scales KH 400 has a novelty: it has incorporated him the possibility to use the code QR. Like this, can obtain information on the product, who has manufactured it and where, characteristic, possible recipes, promotions… but besides, the seller has the possibility to realise sale crossed. If it is weighing a cheese, for example, can suggest a wine tinto that maride well”, explained Pedro Pinho. Bizerba reinventa Like this the concept of traditional scales to make possible a dialogue with the user and assist it in all the available situations. An inventive team to transmit all type of experiences around a determinate product. “We have done an effort even not to increase the product”, added.

To continuation, happen to know in situ to which the spokesman of Bizerba described like the “lamborghini” of the scales. The KH 800 has a big received in shops gourmet, municipal markets and all those establishments that require functional equipment, but also of attractor trucks design. “It is much more that some scales recognised, since it offers all the fan of possibilities of a PC (system Windows, Linux…). We have to our scope all the tools of available marketing, can manage and encode all type of information on the product related with the trazabilidad, caducity, etc.”.

Of left to right, the scales KH 400, with code QR included, beside the KH 800, a team of weighing with all the provision and the capacity of a PC.

Provista Of high keyboard, the KH 800 incorporates besides system of artificial vision what perfects the sale in areas of autoservicio, and in those establishments with sections of frescos, for example fruit and vegetables. By means of the artificial vision can detect the presence or absence of odd matters, degree of freshness of the product, measurement or calibración of the foods, what will speed up his classification. “In Spain is not usual the installation of scales with system of artificial vision. The interesting of this team is that it results ideal for those establishments that want to differentiate . Although it do not seem it, from the technological point of view is a very complex team”.

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