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Este artículo fue escrito originalmente en Spanish. Se ha traducido automáticamente para su comodidad. Se han hecho esfuerzos razonables para proporcionar una traducción precisa; sin embargo, ninguna traducción automática es perfecta, ni es su intención la de sustituir a un traductor humano. El artículo original en Spanish puede verlo en Gadisa introduce sistemas de última generación checkpoint para mejorar la seguridad en sus puntos de venta

Gadisa Enters systems of last generation checkpoint to improve the security in his points of sale


15 November 2011

Gadisa And Checkpoint Systems have reached an agreement to install in the Supermarkets Gadis and in the Shopping centres/Malls Haley an innovative system of electronic surveillance of articles through the technology of radius frequency, designated EAS RF.

Gadisa Enters systems of security of last generation in the Supermarkets Gadis and in the Shopping centres/Malls Haley that will allow a greater efficiency in the points of sale. The measure has adopted in the frame of program of modernisation/modernization and update of commercial establishments, in continuous renewal to improve the service to the customers.

The company also will reinforce the devices of security in those especially vulnerable articles (like the ones of cosmetic and perfumery) incorporating a system with protection more elevated of the line Alpha.

The Commercial director of Checkpoint Systems, Iván Baquero, ensures that “with this new agreement Gadisa implements solutions of effective security”. Simultaneously, Santiago Codesido, Commercial director of Gadisa, explains that “to general level, the current economic situation, causes that all the companies of distribution, centre/center us more than ever in the prevention of the unknown loss (theft); therefore we are focalizando efforts in implanting controls and systems to mitigate the risk of theft in all the process of distribution, so much internal like external. Reduce the loss, always supposes a road to generate income in the company”.