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Canaries will have the symbol of quality PUR for his products cárnicos autochthonous


14 November 2011

The Association of Agriculturalists and Graziers of Canaries (ASAGA Canaries) already has the permission of the norm of quality that will have to fulfil/fulfill the channels and derived of vacuno, rabbit, pig, cabrito and birds of farmyard, that allocate to the consumption in fresco, under the symbol of the Regions Ultraperiféricas (RUP). It treats of a sign that will contribute to identify and revalorizar the products cárnicos venues, whenever they commercialise/commercialize according to the conditions, ways and technical, as well as to the norms of presentation and conditioning of this autonomous community.

In fact, the producers interested in the application of the symbol RUP will have to adapt to a series of requirements of quality, so much in his products as in his exploitations. In principle, the farms will have to inscribe in the Register of Exploitations Graziers (REG) and allocate his activity to the production and fatten of animals for his sacrifice and conversion in meat in slaughterhouses authorised/authorized, situated in Canaries, that have of the sanitary general register of foods (RGSA) in force.

With regard to the products cárnicos, will be compulsory that the channels come from of healthy copies been born in the Archipelago, and will determine a series of specificities for each type of meat. To do an idea, the meat of vacuno and derivative, according to the Regulation (1249/2008), will have to classify in two categories: R upper relative to the forming (characteristic physics of the animal) and category 3 or inferior regarding the state of engrasamiento. In the case that the channel was of ovino or cabrito, will keep the same classification that in the meat of vacuno.

For the use of this stamp of quality in swine, demands 45% of meat magra in function of the weight of the channel, in addition to classifying like category R or upper in the slaughterhouse. Likewise, the channels of rabbit will have to have a minimum weight of 1 kilo and maximum of 1,5 kilos, and the meat will present a pink colour/color, as well as be free of damage or deterioration any. Regarding the birds, these will classify in category To (upper).