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Este artículo fue escrito originalmente en Spanish. Se ha traducido automáticamente para su comodidad. Se han hecho esfuerzos razonables para proporcionar una traducción precisa; sin embargo, ninguna traducción automática es perfecta, ni es su intención la de sustituir a un traductor humano. El artículo original en Spanish puede verlo en Luz verde a la Indicación Geográfica Protegida Cordero Segureño

Green light for the geographical indication protected lamb chops


Since yesterday, the official newsletter of the State confirms the registration of the PGI lamb chops, that protects and guarantees the meat of sheep that occurs in some municipalities of Andalusia, Murcia and Castile - La Mancha, Spain. Own BOE, at the request of the Ministry of environment and Rural and marine environment, delimits the area of production of livestock for the obtaining of this meat and covering 144 municipalities in the provinces of Albacete, Almeria, Granada, Jaén and sheep Murcia.El covered under race segureña is characterized by its pink flesh, tender texture by the infiltration of fat in the muscle. As it regulates the rules, the lambs attached to this PGI must birth and grow up to slaughter in the established area, although they can sacrifice and despiazar in any centre of slaughter or cutting room allowed. In addition, the specimens have come from farms included in the corresponding register. Only in this way they may bear the mark of the IGP.The identification of the carcases shall be limited to a brand with indelible ink as well as a numbered label where will be record of the weight and the symbol of the IGP.