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Barrena, 42-44
20600 Eibar (Gipuzkoa) Spain

Instruments of metrology and control

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Metronic, S.A.

From 1.967 METRONIC S.A. has supplied instruments of Metrology and Control of quality to the most diverse sectors of the market. This permanent contact with our customers has allowed us go incorporating to our range of products a wide fan of able instruments to give solutions to the diverse problems of measurement in the industry.

The purpose of our company is the one to offer concrete solutions. No only the supply an instrument or another but the one to advise to our customers on the distinct possibilities that offers the market for a same application.

The profitability is a term that has to use in all the productive systems and the control of quality and the instrumentation of verification has to likewise adapt tambien to this concept. Thus our company offers him a technical support adapted to design a suitable solution to his needs.