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The signature exposes his last contributions in verification, calibración and automatic measurement

Optimum control of production of the hand of Renishaw

Editorial Interempresas03/05/2012

3 May 2012

In the pavilion 2 stand G-22 H-23 Renishaw Iberian sample his more recent innovations in systems of measurement and control of production to the service of the industry and the sector metalmecánico. Like this, the assistants to the BIEMH can know the provision that offers the new AxiSet Check-Up to check the alineación and positioning of the axles giratorios or the new option of probe to his system of measurement of five axles REVO and the new system of calibrate patented Equator.

Fast automatic verification of the state of machines-tool multieje

AxiSet Check-Up Of Renishaw is a new solution developed to check the characteristics of alineación and positioning of the axles giratorios. In few minutes, the operarios of machining centres of five axles and of lathes fresadores multitarea can identify and inform on the alineaciones and defective geometry of the machine, that can cause greater time of adjust of the process, as well as pieces no satisfied. Already it is available the last version, with significant new advantages for the users.

AxiSet Check-Up Of Renishaw provides some results of precise proof and repetibles, using some routines of exploration automated, that collect the data of the behaviour of a pattern of reference, and realise a simple but powerful analysis. All the proofs use the probes of inspection of piece by existent contact mounted in the husillo, that supply of series in the majority of the machines of several axles.

To carry out the proof, the user places the sphere of calibración supplied inside the zone of work of the machine using a magnetic base. The users have total control and can define his own angles of proof to ensure that the machine is checked in the critical orientations.

The last version of AxiSet Check-Up, version 2, offers considerable additional advantages. The errors of the points of pivotaje and the positions of centre of twist of the lathes defined on the linear axles notify individually, by what provide to the users the values of correction recommended for the optimisation of the machine. The errors can notify in incremental or absolute way. Also it has of a strategy of additional calculation that can select manualmente to establish the points of pivotaje that better adapt to the mechanised of the user, as it was for free surfaces or prismatic pieces. And it includes the capacity to realise backups and automatic catering of several games of data, as well as compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010.

AxiSet Check-Up Provides some results of precise proof and repetibles, using some routines of exploration automated.

New sensor for an entirely automatic measurement of the superficial finishing in MMC

Renishaw Has added a new option of probe to his system of measurement of five axles REVO, that, for the first time, allows to integrate completely the inspection of the rugosidad in the programs of measurement of the MMC. With a capacity of measure of between 6,3 and 0,05 Ra, the probe rugosímetro SFP1 provides an exclusive “only platform” that deletes the need of rugosímetros manual or have to move the pieces until the costly machines for the measurement of the rugosidad, reducing the costs of the realisation of the work and the times of inspection. The users of MMC now will be able to change automatically between the dimensional measurement of pieces and the rugosidad, together with his analysis, all this contained in an only report of measurement.

The probe incorporates an axis C, that combined with the infinite capacity of positioning of the cabezal of measurement REVO and an orientation of the support of palpador, allows to orient the tip of the probe in any angle automatically, to adapt it to the piece. The probe SFP1 supplies with two palpadores special, the palpador straight SFS-1 and the palpador acodado SFS-2, installed on the system of rack modulate (MRS) of the system REVO. The selection of the palpador realises from the program of measurement, this flexibiliza the access to the elements to measure in the piece, with the reliability of a methodology CNC totally automated.

Probe rugosímetro for REVO.

Exclusive new system of calibrate polyvalent

The new system of calibrate patented Equator reduces the expenses in acquisition and maintenance of tooling, can program previously for several pieces and reprogramarse in minutes to adapt it to the changes of design. Equator Is a totally new alternative with regard to the traditional systems of toolings devoted and is headed to a sector of the market up to now without attending. Conceived and developed working closely with the users of calibrate in industrial states like automotive sector, aerospace and doctor, the result is a calibrate light, fast and of high repetibilidad that can use easily with only ‘presses a button'. Equator Can change of a piece to another in seconds, ideal for processes of flexible manufacture or to admit pieces of several machines.

Besides, the control Equator is a powerful system of control devoted that provides some robust surroundings for the execution of the software of the system of calibrate Equator. It is similar to the systems of control of the machines-tool, but with the capacity added to execute applications Windows specific for Equator.

Medical component compared of Equator.

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