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It teachs it German sample his novelties of his division of industrial metrology

Technology, products and complete solutions star the proposals of Carl Zeiss IMT

Editorial Interempresas24/04/2012

24 April 2012

The same that in previous editions, in the 27ª BIEMH Carl Zeiss IMT present numerous novelties to the market. Technology, products and complete solutions are the key words in this occasion. The quality always is in first plane and provides a decisive advantage in the market. All the novelties of Carl Zeiss can visit in the stand G32/H33 in the pavilion 1.

Or-Inspect: optical and tactile metrology to realise authentic measurements 3D

Or-Inspect is the ideal solution for industries such as the one of the plastic, the micromecánica, the car or the medicine. There where require a big precision for a big quantity of pieces. This team combines the rapidity and the high resolution of the most advanced sensors with the precision and the capacity of three-dimensional register of a system of tactile measurement.

To cover the functionalities of the Or-Inspect, previously required four independent equipment: a microscope, a projector of profiles, a machine of measurement and a perfilómetro. With the Or-Inspect, now can realise all the tasks of measurement with an only device, and even, in some cases, with an alone fixation. His multifuncionalidad converts to Or-Inspect in the ideal solution for tasks of measurement of sectors like the one of the medical Engineering, the plastics, the Electronics equipment dealers equipment dealers or the Mechanics of precision. Thanks to his guides encapsuladas and to the amortiguación integrated cheese cheese, can use the Or-Inspect directly in the production.

Unlike other manufacturers that work with several fixed aims, Or-Inspect uses an objective zoom with 10 clear-cut increases. The advantages: on the one hand, it accelerates the process of aseguramiento of the quality, since it does not be necessary to change the aims and, on the other hand, the levels of clear-cut increase guarantee a high repetibilidad of the results.

Team of metrology of vision and tactile Or-Inspect.

DuraMax: The team of appropriate measurement for the area of production

Measure with rapidity and precision at the same time, react flexiblemente to the changes: these are the requirements of today day in the transformative industry and of start of shaving

calibrate Them and devices of comprobación fixed no longer amortise . A calibrate measures an alone piece, sometimes only a characteristic. The changes of task or of spectrum of measurement, originate always investments in new devices of comprobación. With the DuraMax results more economic: it invests an alone time and can measure everything: all the pieces and all the characteristics. Contrived for the environingingment of production, the DuraMax is all a MMC with CNC that offers a thermal sensors stability of until +30° C, system antivibratorio passive, requires a minimum space and a set up very simple. It comes instrumented of series with scanning of Zeiss, exchanger of palpadores and has of a wide selection of palpadores. I handle simple, load from the three axles, requirements of minimum installation, leaving more free space for the workshop.

DuraMax Is MMC with CNC that offers a thermal sensors stability of until +30 °C.

Micura, the new machine of measurement by coordinates

The machine of measurement by coordinates Micura, small and extremely precise, answers to the demand of the users of three-dimensional compact. The precision of the machine Micura is underneath of a micra. This is possible thanks to the sensor Vast XT Gold, that is able to scan the surfaces of continuous form and to a speed of 200 points measured by second. The Micura presented in Europe for the first time in the fair Control of Stuttgart, in May of 2012.

New machine of coordinates Micura.

Axio Imager: Management of images and microscopía digital

More than only a vertical microscope and more than only a system of management of images, Axio Imager presents an innovative modular platform of microscopía for all the tasks of routine and investigation. This team offers the ideal solution for the management of images without subtracting approach in microscopía digital; the best optical, system IC2S with the highest resolution, offers clearly more information in all the methods of contrast; the best fluorescence with greater contrast; a design that adapts by his modularidad to satisfy his specific requests; an estativo intelligent with integrated cheese cheese software to control his work go through step; the best precision with cellular images and an enclosed circuit of approach in z; ergonomics and operation very confortables for a more relaxed work even during prolonged periods.

Vertical microscope Axio Imager of Carl Zeiss.

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