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This news article was originally written in Spanish. It has been automatically translated for your convenience. Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. The original article in Spanish can be viewed at PCE Group testa sus instrumentos en la Antártida

PCE Group testa his instruments in Antarctica


December 24, 2007

PCE Group has tested its instruments of measurement in Antarctica. (South Pole). In order to check if their teams were able to resist extreme temperatures, they were small adaptations boards to so achieve a thermal insulation to establish, at the same time, a microclimate inside of them.
The PCE-TC 3 camera is a professional with a high resolution Thermographic camera.

Were astronomical, geographical and ornithological and environmental experiments with great success due to teams as for ozone measuring instruments, measuring for PH instruments, instruments of measure to ultraviolet light, instruments of measurement for air, radiation monitors, etc.

Antarctica is a natural laboratory that maintains certain properties in relation to the origin of the Earth and the Solar system intact. It is not new to highlight the role of the Antarctic ice (thanks to the air microbubbles have been trapped on the various strata) in the estimate of the various climate changes (ice ages) that took place on the Earth's surface over time.

Small adaptations were on the boards of the instruments to achieve a thermal insulation to create a microclimate inside.

Something that contributes particularly to climate change is the excessive greenhouse (CO2 emissions) and the scarcity of ozone in the upper atmosphere allowing the passage of dangerous life UV radiation, which has been fueled - in part - by the high human industrial activity in the last few decades. Even so, naturally, have always been and will be changes affected by the other cyclical movements (precession and nutation) that records the Earth as a planet with respect to its inclination with respect to the Sun, as well as the inherent cyclicality and evolution in the long term of its atmosphere, climatecurrent marine and accidents external type impact by an asteroid.

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