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Marposs at the EMO 2007

Marposs has two locations in the EMO: the one dedicated to quality assurance, located in Hall 5, booth G21 and the dedicated to machine tools located in Hall 25 stand G17. Innovations introduced include the tube to the preset of tools in vertical machining centers, a new probe of probe without wires for machining centres, all probes with optical transmission for piece of microfresadoras and measurement software for inspection of three-dimensional forms

As for the tube to the preset of vertical machining centers (30798) tools, the setter S30 Tool model is a compact line of applications to the preset of tools in machining centers.

You can use the following controls: control of integrity tool, determination of the length and diameter tool compensation of tool wear.

The TS 30 line products are characterized by an excellent repeatability even at high speeds of contact enabling the reduction of cycle times and increasing the quality of production.

Tightness (IEC 60529) protection IP67 ensures the highest performance even in a hostile machine environment.

TS30 line products are designed to withstand aggressive operating conditions.

Probe drive presents a central part of stainless steel to avoid damaging the tools during the cycle of measuring of small tools.

TS30 line products have the same functional characteristics and metrological performance.

They are available in the following two versions: with cable transmission (TS30), with integrated interface with optical transmission of the signal (OTS30)

Probe tube without wires for machining centres

System of palpation Mida E86N, with radio frequency transmission, has been designed for use in machines milling machines and machining of small and large sized centres. With 64 channels available, the E86N system allows the equipment of a large number of machines in the same production area.

Other advantages of the E86N system: measurement of piece without wires, versatility of use on machines of large, medium and small size, ease of installation, ease of programming, operational flexibility in milling 5 axes with adjustable spindle and the possibility of palpation piece in the presence of obstacles.

The E86N system is composed of the following main elements: transmisor-sonda that detects the coordinates and dimensions of the piece and transmits to the CNC via the antenna and the interface.

There are two different transmitter models: modular, compatible with all the probes touch the Mida range, allows to obtain a high versatility applicative and compact (E86N-P): probe integrated, planned especially for all applications that need a group of palpation of reduced length.

The interface of the system E86N transfi ere the CNC data and allows the programming of the operating parameters of the entire system and the visualization of programmed data and work through a digital alphanumeric display channel. This function simplifies the programming and installation operations.

Designed to be robust and particularly suitable to deal with the most hostile conditions of the machine. A hermetic connector inserted between its base and the connection to the interface cable provides the installation and any alleged operation of maintenance or replacement. The transmission distance can be extended using two antennas. Two versions of the E86N team, in accordance with the main international standards on broadcast radio in Europe and the United States are available.UU., Canada.


Probes with optical transmission for measurement of piece in microfresadoras

Ultra-Compact optical palpation Mida OP32 equipment has been designed for microfresadoras, small centers of machining and generally for all machines with an area of machining of limited size.

Offers various advantages: ultracompactas dimensions, wide angle of transmission, high resistance against coolant and chips and transmission to 360 ° (activation/deactivation)

OP32 probe and transmitter are an integrated package that transmits measurement data to the CNC via a receiver and an interface.

Marposs supplies the corresponding measurement software packages for the most common models of CNC, allowing to use the OP32 even for alleged retrofiting on existing machines.

The accuracy of the OP32 team is reliable even in the most difficult working conditions, like all Marposs solutions for palpation piece and control tool.


Software for the inspection of three-dimensional forms

Software Marposs Mida for inspection of three-dimensional forms, combined with the teams of palpation Mida, offers significant advantages in the measurement and inspection of parts esculturadas directly on the machine.

Among the benefits provided by: measurement directly on the machine of the machined piece, simplification in the management of the new machining of the piece, reduction of time of machining and control, elimination of the need of a measurement and reporting of measurement automated machine.

In addition to the total control of the shape and dimensions of the part, can easily be made a new post machining which the measurement is carried out directly on the machine without dismantling the same piece, with great savings of time and money.

You get a very high precision measurement through the use of Marposs Mida probes.

The programming of the calibration cycle is easy, without having to know the exact position of the ball of the rating, allowing an automatic search for its position.


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