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The false truth Flaccus

Ibon Linacisoro, Director15/03/2006
This should explain it carefully so that no one is offended. We know very well what is a fake skinny, which should not be confused with a false fat as the latter is just the opposite. The fake skinny is on life cheating with his appearance. It is false Flaccus because after his fine appearance, her little face and their oversized costume hides a person oronda generous in meats, distant in the short distances and little friend of the Pats, because all his farce would be discovered. It is a condition, that of the false FLACCUS, which has nothing to do with the of the obvious fat, a happy, smiling, guy with all the cards on the table. The obvious fat is thus, is thick or FAT if prefer you, agree, is more correct and not okay to talk to such harshness of the people of this condition. Clear that we will call you as we call you, will continue to be the obvious fat. But isn't this what we were going, but to the falsity of a fake skinny whose falsehood is not entirely reprehensible. There are older. Lately we have been informed of this surprising intervention which have endowed in the face of a poor girl who had not. But medical science goes even further and now has a patient of something many more surprising. Ribs of recycled bone and diaphragm of goretex. Recycled bones imagine you where have lifted them... but best not to think so. Of course, the diaphragm of goretex, was really necessary? The patient, of course, has seen the light, because I had almost no chest and is now with a new one. But, with what we already know of plastics, do really we have to recycle bone? Let me hear a technical material of these expensive and last generation, who have the advantage that, once made a rib, the mould gives to many more. We no longer need or the ribs of the women to exist, we now throw of recycled bone. Although again, the injected bone had been more concocted.

People are not what they were. We do not engendramos with joy, as before, we know that nothing is forever, or our body, and this affects in facing life. If those who have many face donation, expensive it would be partially solved for people in need, but know that we can also have a new chest and diaphragm of goretex gives you another package to life. If you get the day in which, faced with the choice of cut it off the veins or left you them longer, you go for the first option, there is no problem, because we know that someone will use retreading rubber so that our blood flow where it should and does not stain. The doubts are endless, but there is one that we should go mature, in order to be not presented the problem at once. A human being, when is false? Because the fake skinny, that much is clear, it becomes a trivial falsehood by the bionic man.

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