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Unimetrik role

Unimetrik is an ENAC accredited laboratory and is the Coordinator of the Group of machines of measurement. Metrology advanced, Dr. Eugen Trapet, director is ultimately responsible for managing and planning the tasks of the EVIGeM.

Unimetrik must promote and directing the activities of the Group of machines of measurement and also lead the coordination of the overall project, together with the rest of the main partners of each group, as well as the Technical University of Eindhoven. These activities include the creation and maintenance of information technologies, which will be implemented on the internet-based services.

Global activities to groups defined in the project are:

  • The establishment and legal basis of the Institute
  • The definition of the concept of the metrological portal
  • Facilitate the content to the web page of the portal
  • Development of the services database
  • Location of the required services
  • Assistance to clients

Other services, specific to the Group of machines of measurement are:

  • Study of the State of the art
  • Implementation of the plan of operation of the services of the area
  • Definitions and technical demonstrations of the services of the portal
  • Definition and implementation of the strategy of disemización of the activities carried out
Advanced Services, calibration and correction of 21 errors in machines



Metrología: tendencias de futuro

IK4-Tekniker desarrolla capacidades alineadas a las tendencias del ámbito de la metrología para aportar nuevas soluciones a la industria