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Experts in the industrial state analyse formulas to improve the productivity


19 April 2012

A group of Spanish experts has gathered in Madrid to analyse different roads of improvement of the productivity of the Spanish factories and increase his efficiency. In opinion of the experts, the centres of Spanish production need to implement new systems of control and management of the production that are able to realise an integral follow-up of all the process of manufacture, what revertiría in a better information and in a taking of decisions faster and effective.

According to José María Embroiders, general director of Sisteplant “in a big part of the factories of our country exists still a ‘gap' between the Systems of Planning of Resources of the company (ERP) and the management of the production, that is to say, between the processes that could call of business and the systems of control in the factories. It is by this by what precise of urgent way the implementation of systems like the MONTH that connect both processes”. This ‘gap' can check in situations that repeat of regular way like the excess of stock, the loss of opportunities of improvement in the chain of supply and other critical appearances.

The systems of Management and Control of the Production (MONTH – Manufacturing Execution System) are solutions IT that connect the bus systemsiness (ERP) and the ones of control/automation, integrating the processes of production, coordination of machines and equipment, applications and personnel in base to concrete aims of production. In the current surroundings this type of applications are essential for the control of the manufacture in real time, the compilation of data and the analysis of the information, all this necessary to promote actions oriented to improve of the quality and performance of the production and to guarantee the competitiveness of our companies manufactureras in some surroundings of crisis.

The near of 30 experts, pertaining to sectors so diverse like the chemist, aeronautical sector component manufacturing sector component manufacturing, armamentístico, graphic or alimentary arts, shared during the different day experiences of his respective centres of production and coincided in that the factories of the future have to advance to models that make possible the management by exception of the operations, since it launches the order of manufacture until it delivers the product finished.

During the meeting, Alfonso Ganzabal, manager of Sisteplant Read Management, stood out that, in spite of his evident advantages for the management of the production, in the actuality, only 20% of the Spanish factories has systems of this type. In opinion of the professionals that participated in the debate, this does not have to so much to the cost of the necessary software, but rather to that in the situation of current crisis the employers tend to evaluate the performance of his investments to very short term, whereas the return of the investment of a system MONTH begins to perceive from the two years of his implantation as they show the proportionate data by the TABLE (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association). In any case, as it signals Embroider “if the companies do not begin to apply these from this time on same systems, go to lose competitiveness in front of other Asian manufacturers and Europeans that have bet of unambiguous way by them”.

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