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The Valencian signature opens way in the world of the maintenance, repair and conditioning of machines

Eyma, three legs, a same philosophy: work very done, seriousness and service to the customer

Esther Güell19/03/2012

19 March 2012

Speak of Eyma Machines Tool is to speak of a young company but with more than 15 years of experience. Youngster, because in January of 2011, when the greater part of the business fabric struggled by no desfallecer, the current manager of the company put at the head of this and, changing of name and social reason, took the relief of his father. But with experience because, in spite of his youth, carries from 1996 in the sector of the repair and maintenance of machines. So it knows where it has put , or it would have to. Enrique García Warden received us in his dispatch of the workshop where has undertaken this adventure to explain us to where directs his future.

To understand this dichotomy between the youth and a bagaje more than showed is necessary to trace back to the closing of the company Amutio, where Enrique García Villanueva —his father— was boss of setting of this plant. When closing, decided to mount a company devoted to the maintenance, repair and management of lathes Amutio, a world that knew to perfection.

In 1996 founded Recomaq, where his son, Enrique García Warden —and current director manager of Eyma— began his professional career. In her, during 15 years devoted to offer services of technical assistance and repair of machinery. But paulatinamente began to work with other marks and typology of machines.

Later, and after taking the reins of the company, Enrique García son, the refundó and changed of name, happening to call Eyma Machines Tool, with a philosophy of company that structures in three divisions: Eyma Commercial, sale of new machinery with representations and collaborations with manufacturers of new machinery, so much in the national field like international; Eyma Protect, focused to the hygiene of machinery, instrumenting the units reconstructed already with all those elements of protection and safety that establish the current normative; and Eyma Service, the department devoted to the repair, maintenance, reacondicionamiento and technical service of machines-tool in all the fields.

Enrique García Warden, in the installations of Ribarroja of the Turia, combines the new ideas with the philosophy of service transmitted by his father.

This year, Eyma Commercial has incorporated the subdivision of industrial equipment, to end to expand the service, selling the machine and the necessary equipment so that this adapt to the needs of work of the customer: already it was incorporating tools of milling, turning, taladrado... And in this sense, Eyma has signed the representation for the Valencian Community of two important marks as they are OSG, Japanese signature manufacturer of males, and Ceratizit.

Like this is Eyma Machines Tool today. But Enrique knows that the stagnation can result a step backwards so it already has in mind the distribution of an own mark inside the department of Eyma Commercial. An offer that would come very very accompanied by the infrastructure that conform the departments of technical service, repair and reacondicionamiento.


Eyma Service, the service of all the life

The department of Service is in the origins of Eyma. “It is the company of all the life, the concept that me inculcó my father. Repair, maintenance, reacondicionamiento and technical assistance of machine-tool”. Of any type of machine, because Eyma account, nowadays, with technicians so much of the mechanical area like electrical, electronic, hydraulics, etc.

And is that the company has a young technical team and of quality, with an average of age of some 40 years, with long experience but to his time people with project and future and that they can work with the new technologies. “Because one of the hándicaps of this sector is the advanced age of the professionals, the majority recently jubilados or ready”.

Eyma Commercial centres in all that related with the sector, with special dedication to the automotive sector, with works that accredit it for teach of solvencia like Renault, Ford or Nissan, between others. And like specialists in repair and maintenance of machines of start of shaving, can give service to any type of need in the sector of the mechanised in general. Consequence of this is that this department plays the main paper regarding the turnover of the company.

Specialists in Amutio-Cazenueve and Amutio Emag

Enrique recognises that they have had ‘help' to go in to work like Eyma Service in determinate companies of the sector of the automotive sector: “when the German manufacturer of machinery Emag purchased Amutio in the 80, commissioned to flood with his CNC the plants of a lot of manufacturers of trucks, arms, etc., and we are technical service of Amutio-Emag, whose machines that a lot of manufacturers still conserve”.

In the workshop of Eyma can find from ancient Amutio desguazadas until machines in process of reacondicionamiento.

Eyma Protect, the division of hygiene

For the time being Eyma Protect has a very wide fan of hygiene, from standard protections for machine-tool until products to measure, aspiración industrial (of smokes, welding, mists of oil, etc.) and distribute the products of the Italian signature Valmer for the Valencian Community and Madrid-zone Centre. In the field of the protection, Eyma realises complete installations of hygiene in any sector, no only in the one of the machine-tool, covering from the own implantation until the manufacturing of the study of previous hygiene —well by means of the collaboration with an organism of control very realising the work of engineering of hygiene splitting of the ‘know-how' of the company— as well as the final certification.

Of conventional to CNC

Work elbow with elbow with the customer is fundamental to know exactly which improvements or modifications requires the machinery to adapt it to his needs of manufacture. In this sense, at present the greater part of the work nowadays devotes to the conversion of conventional machinery to CNC, updating the machine, giving him more years of functional life. “In other cases also have to update obsolete numerical controls, machines with motors of CC, of does 15-20 years, modernizándolas to motors of CA and improving his provision”.

In this sense, the crisis, that has arrived as it could not be of another way also to the sector of the maintenance and the technical service, has promoted the reacondicionamiento of these by in front of the purchase of new units, in spite of that initially, the fault of work did not do necessary not even repair the machinery. “In 2011 we have had a lot of repairs and technical assistances. In spite of being a toneless year, seat the bases of Eyma, that was cream like S.L. In January of the past year and already are us giving to know”. Some brave that began with three people in full crisis and that now already add 12 employees. “There is lack of this service, many of the companies, situated especially in the north of the Peninsula, have closed or jubilado, and we want to open us happen offering seriousness and a wide catalogue of services”.

Of the same way, from Eyma Protect were pioneering in implanting the rules of hygiene even before it was compulsory, “so we live an important boom. Now this market keeps and on our part have gone expanding services and products”. An experience that allows them ‘dare' to realise any project of engineering of hygiene: “we can realise all the report and the analysis of hygiene, collaborating with an organism of control certified by Aenor”.

Retrofitting And update of systems of a lathe CNC.

The innovation is it everything, but no so much

For Enrique, exist some lacks regarding innovation in determinate types of companies. “When in 2011 we go in in the sector of the automotive sector, in companies in which, in theory, this hándicap had to have it solved —and are speaking of a park of important machinery—, gave us account that was not like this. His departments of maintenance do not have the necessary knowledges so that the machines worked properly. It is important innovar? Yes, when you want to take out a new product, a new machine, etc. but also is vital to keep in conditions those machines that they have . And now in Eyma are in the phase to give us to know, enter us in this market and go winning terrain, because it exists a lot of desconocimiento between companies, and perhaps have at the side that that can give them the service that needs”. Example of them is the work that to finals of the past year Eyma realised for an important manufacturer of steel, reconstructing him a rectificadora of 6 metres of long, that after the closing of his company of maintenance of always, resorted to the company manufacturer of the machines, a Japanese signature that gave them assistance of personalised way. “Now already they know us and they know that to 200-300 kilometres have a company that will give them support. But it is an evidence more than fault know mutually companies demandantes and prestadores of services”.

Work very done, the best weapon

“Ours philosophy is to offer a good service, serious, solving the problems of the customer, that has to remain happy”. This idea comes to resumir the spirit that Enrique transmits to his employees and to the one who want to listen. And conscious that is necessary to differentiate, has clear that “for Eyma is vital can contribute a stamp of quality that was a value added for our customers”.

For his work, explain in his installations with lathes, milling machines and taladros, “and especially lathes Amutio, reconstructed or desguazados for his sale like machine of occasion, in addition to machines of numerical control, also for second hand, some folding machines, etc.”, in addition to the machines of customers in repair or reconstruction. “And in spite of that the crisis has braked for now our available project of new machine of import, the idea is still in the tintero... Create an own mark and commercialise it”.

Doubly brave

In addition to reconverting Recomaq to Eyma S.L. In January of 2011, the signature works, from does already some years, with the Public Administrations, like providers of the Conselleria of Education of the Valencian Community that, in the last work, Eyma, through his division Protect, commissioned of the adecuación of more than a hundred of machines of the park that forms part of the centres of Professional Learning that, in his greater part, were working without protections. An example more than the commitment of Eyma for with the hygiene, the suitable maintenance and the technical service of professionals experienced.

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