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The multinational increases his requests in the Spanish market in 11,44%

Linde Increases his quota of market and turnover in Spain and Portugal in 2011

Esther Güell01/06/2012

1 June 2012

The first months of the exercise 2011 indicated a tendency to heaves it in the Spanish market of carts Linde Material Handling of 14,1%. However, during the second semester, the market suffered a desaceleración, that only allowed at the end of the exercise a global growth of the market in 3,8%. By his part, in Portugal the behaviour of the market was clearly negative along the year, with a global result of growth of -9,5%. These are some of the figures that presented Jaime Gener Bover, director manager of Linde MHI, Montserrat Trujillo, responsible of Advertising, and Xavier Gil, director of product of the signature, to finals of May of this year.

However, on the other hand stands out that the evolution of entrance of requests was highly satisfactory, with an increase of 11,44% in the Spanish market, and 42,5% in the Portuguese market.





net Turnover

114.711.668 €

110.937.427 €

Gone in of requests

119.537.347 €

115.898.353 €

Number employed



EBT (Bº before taxles)

3.757.871 €

2.481.657 €

“These results are consequence of our permanent effort to be more efficient in our management. Our technical capacity of attention to the customer keeps on being our big bet and thus big part of our resources allocates to keep the level of quality and availability of the technical service”, affirmed the director manager of Linde MHI.

Likewise, Gener remembered also that to first of 2011 the company presented a new generation of carts electrical of big tonelaje with capacities of load of 2 to 5 tonnes (series 387 and 388), with an excellent acceptance in the market, which has allowed us consolidate our growth in this segment.

On the other hand, mentioned the opening of the new installations of his dealer Carelsa in Almería, “that is allowing us be more near of the companies of the sector hortofrutícola of this zone of Spain, to offer them an integral wallet of services nearer and with the quality and efficiency that this bouquet requires”.

On the other hand, in November of 2011 Sogacsa, the dealer Linde for Galicia, inaugurated some new installations in a plot whose surface occupies 11.500 square metres, with 7.000 built, allocated to offices, warehouse of spare parts and workshops. “This set up is extremely important for the development of Linde in the zone by the big potential that means the Galician market”, market that manages some 5.000 units. The director wanted to appreciate besides the effort that is realizar all our structure, dealers and delegations Linde, to keep our high standards of attention to the customer in all the facets of the business”.

Linde Presented the last data of the company, as well as his more recent novelties, in front of a nourished public of the skilled presses.

New concept Linde for the management of fleets

Linde Has developed (re-created) a concept of management of fleets that can be the solution to many of the problematic with that find the companies to the hour to renew his park of carts and explain at all times with the most adapted stock to the needs. It treats of Linde Fleet Management, whose principles summary in:

  • Flexibility: Linde adapts to the requests of the customer to have of an elder or lower number of units in function of the punctual needs of his operative.
  • Availability: Offer the most adapted vehicle in the moment that requires .
  • Reliability: His integral service of preventive maintenance and correctivo guarantees a high level of operating capacity of all the fleet.
The concept Linde Fleet Management adapts to the requests of the customer to have of an elder or lower number of units in function of the punctual needs of his operative (Warehouse of Coca-Tail in Montornès of the Vallès, Barcelona).

Besides, through the Linde Fleet Management the company manages any type of fleet, no only of vehicles Linde. And to be able to develop this ‘perfect formula' and customised for each customer, the advisers of Linde realise an exhaustive analysis of the applications and processes where take part carts.

Linde Has developed this conscious solution that, often, the customers find with machines that already no adecuan to his needs, “well by a sobredimensionamiento of the offer, well by an aging of the park, etc., what supposes a lower productivity, such as it explained Xavier Gil. The director of product of the signature, besides, explained that “Fleet Management combines the advantages of the rents of fleets of short term and the ones of the rents on a long-term basis, contributing a greater adaptability to the seasonal need and the flexibility in front of changes of production”. Regarding the park of carts that Linde provides to his customers “are machines in mint condition, but no necessarily new, what reduces still more the cost of the rent”, adds.

On the other hand, although this solution directed initially to the sector of the distribution, Gil admitted that “different industrial states, of the automotive sector, etc., have showed also a lot of interest”.

Fast answer to the demand

This type of service requires of a high capacity of answer in front of the demand of the customer. For this, Linde has the greater part of his fleet delivered by all the territory. Besides, such as it comments Xavier Gil, “allows to the customers have in the company, in ‘standby', some machines that can use to cover a failure of another that was working in way Fleet Management. If it gave the case to need it for a moment of sobredemanda, pacta a price by hours. And if the demand is for more time, have capacity to deliver quickly the necessary machines”.

Propulsion Linde in an electrical car

The company Karabag GmbH, specialist of the German market of electrical vehicles, has developed his model New 500 And, a new vehicle of low cost, 299 euros (in the German market) in concept of quota of leasing monthly. This is possible, between other things, by the employment of a system of electrical propulsion of series, of accredited efficiency, of the range of products of Linde Hydraulicss.

The Karabag New 500 And, based in a Fiat 500, instruments a battery of lithium-polymer, that offers a relatively low cost, thanks to a system of economic electrical propulsion and efficient. In the design and the optimisation of this system of propulsion, Karabag had the support of Linde Material Handling GmbH, through his area of businesses Linde Hydraulicss. This company has built in the last 40 years around 3,5 million systems of electrical propulsion for machines of mobile work, as, for example, carts elevadoras or electrical tractors of drag.

When the engineers of Linde began to collaborate with Karabag, already existed a basic concept, although this had still potential of optimisation. The specialists in systems of propulsion substituted the engine refrigerado of 30 kW nominal, that had foreseen initially, by an engine without refrigeration much lighter of 28 kW, improving like this the functions of the electronic control. Therefore, the Karabag New 500 And, that is available from now, presents a lot of more strength of push or ‘boost' that the original version and purportedly more powerful.

The work of common development has given like result a vehicle, that with a maximum power of 28 kW reaches a speed until 105 km/h, that accelerates of 0 to 50 km/h in 8,5 seconds and that has an autonomy of 100 km, satisfying like this fully the exigencias of the urban mobility.

With the New 500 And, Karabag offers an electrical vehicle, that in terms of costs can compete perfectly with one of petrol.

30 years of collaboration with Porsche

In Linde Material Handling (LMH), the design of the carts has developed along long until turning into a fixed component of the mark. Already in the year 1985, the company was awarded for the first time with the ‘iF Design Award' by the excellent design of his carts diesel of the series 351. To date they have followed other twenty prizes for the most diverse models of vehicles. The factors that mark the external appearance of the equipment of manutención of Linde are, today the same that yesterday, technical concepts revolutionaries, that redundan in profit for the customer, as well as the cooperation with Porsche Engineering, that this year fulfils 30 years.

The cooperation with Porsche extends along all the process of development: from the conception until the ending and optimisation of the manufacture, going through the phase of development, that includes the manufacturing of the design. However, in Linde do not look for the design without utility neither neither a superficial style. The driver and his place of work are the centre of attention of the process of design, have to transmit a feeling of space confortable and provide him optimum conditions of visibility, functions of handle intuitive and an access and comfortable exit.

Through a concept of design, each product transmits a visual message. This voucher so much for the sportive trucks as for the carts elevadoras. For example, the dynamic low silhouette of the carretilla, with long distance between axles and his characteristic rear part suggests confort and performance, what means that the driver is not gone up to the carretilla, but it is protected inside her. The external appearances and interior of the equipment of manutención have been subjects to a remarkable evolution. If the forms and the outlines could consider soft until the introduction of the carts diesel and GLP of the series 39X in the year 2002, now have gone back more stressed. And since, this characteristic of design is present in all the equipment of manutención, from the carts of big tonelaje H100 to H180, until the new carretilla Combi of narrow corridor Linde K, going through the carretilla retractable Linde R14X and the transpaleta Linde T20 SP. All they have of a marked form in V with the rear part bent downwards. Another typical characteristic of Linde, that is easily recognizable and that has remained established from the introduction of the carts Linde And20 to And50 the past year, is an element moldeado side in colour grey dark with the logo of Linde. This element allows that the white letters are easily identifiable and readable, even to long distance and with clear personalised paintings. At the same time, it signals the point of access, and help to balance the lines and proportions in his group. In summary, Linde incorporates to his carts the concept of design of the industry of the car.

To the start of each project realise designs in two dimensions.

New series K for narrow corridors

Linde MH Took advantage of the meeting with the presses to detail the details of his new vehicle for applications of narrow corridor: the range K, with a capacity of 1.500 kg and a height of elevation of more than 16 metres, available from the past autumn. In his version advanced, the carretilla will offer more options of confort in the cabin, as well as the possibility to integrate labels RFID to implement functions of hygiene of control of navigation and of detection of zones. And to the equal that all the equipment of manutención of Linde, also the series K has been developed in collaboration with Porsche Design, “from the cabin until the controls or the topmast” —puntualizó Xavier Gil— in function of the needs of the customer”.

The cabin of driving presents a clear evolution: Due to the fact that the processes of manufacturing of requests realise increasingly in narrow corridors, this appearance has been one of the main approaches in the development of the new machine. The cabin has been optimised to provide to the driver a better access so much to the palés on the forks as to the gender in the shelves. For this, has developed a ‘tiltable barrier' optional, that allows to the operario reach of form faster and confortable the gender situated in the rear part of the shelving. Of this way, the process of work no only accelerates , but also it goes back much more ergonomic. When depositing the gender on the carretilla, the driver can support on the reposarrodillas in the frontal part of the cabin. Besides, the signpost of control bipartito provides a confort additional to the new carretilla K. The operario works of foot between the two panels to the right and left of him, having free access to the rail of the cabin. This results especially advantageous to the hour to handle bulky articles. And with the adjust adapted, the operario can drive the vehicle also comfortably in position seated.

The technology RFID provides additional functionalities to the vehicle. No only the functions of hygiene of control of navigation, as they are the braked at the end of corridor and the reduction of the speed of course, can configure and modify of form more flexible, but also the detection of zones. Like this, for example, they can incorporate to the parameters for this function irregularities of the floor or obstacles like zones detectables.

In the range K, the seat is abatible, to the equal that the controls, leaving much more space to move and access to the product wished.

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